31 July 2008

Lustful Thinking...

Holy Moly! Alexander McQueen knows what women want!

Alexander McQueen, 2008!

Seriously, I think this is Malinda in shoe form!

30 July 2008

Side Note...

The other night was FN, and Bishop stands up and wants to thank us for the kind of people we were. I almost laughed at loud! First, we stuffed as many people as possible into the primary room, so we are all sweating...think of cattle herded into a pen waiting to be sold at auction. Second, the kind of people we are...yeah, we are LDS and not married! We are all proud of where we are!


What in the world! Sunday morning I am minding my own business, sitting in my room delaying getting ready when my phone vibrates! Who could it be? Not my family, they're all sitting in church already. No, it's James Gardner...wanting to know if I could meet with Bishop! What the...sure! Holy fetch! I was totally getting in my flying under the radar, no callings, back row sitting groove! Yeah so what is the calling you probably are thinking! 1st counselor in the Relief Society! That's right! I'm not sure what Alexis is smoking or what Bishop is thinking, but that's what I am now! Alexis is one sneaky fetcher too! She was my best friend in High School. You would think she'd know better. But whatever, you want to add some "spice" to this organization you just did it! But on top of all that, I get my little warped pink notebook...which as I type is in the process of being updated...and what is inside, not a list of the sisters in the RS, but a ward list from DECEMBER 2007! I'm not even on this list! Yeah, so as nightmares of area books keep me up late at night, I begin what is sure to quite an eventful adventure!

27 July 2008

The Travesty!

The last week or so has been pretty intense. It started last Thursday night. I had dropped Papa off at the airport, the last of my family to leave on vacation…yes, that’s right one without me! On my way home I decided to stop by Barnes and Noble to see if they had a hard cover edition of Northanger Abbey. Borders didn’t have one, but I had the faith that B&N would not let me down. Yet, to my utter dismay and disgust, they not only failed to have a hard cover version of the book they didn’t have a single copy of it! Yes there was a ridiculous supply of Emma, Pride and Prejudice, and a few Sense and Sensibility, but not one of her less ‘popular’ works! I was utterly disgusted! B&N had totally let me down. Never in my life would I have thought I would be so completely grateful for not renewing my membership with them! What a rip off! Borders might not have had the copy I was looking for at my regular location, but they do carry the book! That is the tragic reason why B&N is no longer my go to book store!

Unfortunately that is not the end of my most unrewarding Thursday evening. Due to the B&N situation and our unfortunate falling out, I began to crave some form of chocolate. My mind rested upon, Mocha Mudslide! Now to those who have not tasted of the golden ticket deserving ice cream, I suggest you try it, and to those who have…probably understand the kind of day I had had. So I stop by the Wal-Mart on my way home. But once again I was met with disappointment. There was not one carton of the desired ice cream on their shelves. I couldn’t believe it, after walking down the entire aisle twice, my eye spotted a familiar green carton. A smile crossed my face, only to be disappointed as the words…caramel apple! Grossness! So disappointedly I left, determined to forget the craving! But that is not how things work. Four hours later, and after many mountain dews the craving had still not passed. So with new determination I headed to a different Wal-mart, and then another one! I gave up went to Fry’s and settled for a different brand of mocha. Which turned out to be extremely disappointing, and ended in watching it melt slowing then dumping it in the trash can!

14 July 2008

Moment of Silence...

Despite hitting a record breaking 28 home runs in the first round of the Home Run Derby tonight, Josh Hamilton did not walk away a champion. That is right. With a total of 22 total home runs, Justin Morneau, went home a happy man, who will not receive a front page story. Strange huh!?! A fine example that proves Life is not always fair! Going into the final round Hamilton had a total of 32 Home Runs vs. Morneau's 17. Unfortunately, the slate was wiped clean and Morneau beat Hamilton 5-3. Thus Morneau will go down in the history books as the winner...too bad tomorrow no one will be talking about him!

No me gritas!

Alright already, I'm blogging!