30 July 2008


What in the world! Sunday morning I am minding my own business, sitting in my room delaying getting ready when my phone vibrates! Who could it be? Not my family, they're all sitting in church already. No, it's James Gardner...wanting to know if I could meet with Bishop! What the...sure! Holy fetch! I was totally getting in my flying under the radar, no callings, back row sitting groove! Yeah so what is the calling you probably are thinking! 1st counselor in the Relief Society! That's right! I'm not sure what Alexis is smoking or what Bishop is thinking, but that's what I am now! Alexis is one sneaky fetcher too! She was my best friend in High School. You would think she'd know better. But whatever, you want to add some "spice" to this organization you just did it! But on top of all that, I get my little warped pink notebook...which as I type is in the process of being updated...and what is inside, not a list of the sisters in the RS, but a ward list from DECEMBER 2007! I'm not even on this list! Yeah, so as nightmares of area books keep me up late at night, I begin what is sure to quite an eventful adventure!

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