27 July 2008

The Travesty!

The last week or so has been pretty intense. It started last Thursday night. I had dropped Papa off at the airport, the last of my family to leave on vacation…yes, that’s right one without me! On my way home I decided to stop by Barnes and Noble to see if they had a hard cover edition of Northanger Abbey. Borders didn’t have one, but I had the faith that B&N would not let me down. Yet, to my utter dismay and disgust, they not only failed to have a hard cover version of the book they didn’t have a single copy of it! Yes there was a ridiculous supply of Emma, Pride and Prejudice, and a few Sense and Sensibility, but not one of her less ‘popular’ works! I was utterly disgusted! B&N had totally let me down. Never in my life would I have thought I would be so completely grateful for not renewing my membership with them! What a rip off! Borders might not have had the copy I was looking for at my regular location, but they do carry the book! That is the tragic reason why B&N is no longer my go to book store!

Unfortunately that is not the end of my most unrewarding Thursday evening. Due to the B&N situation and our unfortunate falling out, I began to crave some form of chocolate. My mind rested upon, Mocha Mudslide! Now to those who have not tasted of the golden ticket deserving ice cream, I suggest you try it, and to those who have…probably understand the kind of day I had had. So I stop by the Wal-Mart on my way home. But once again I was met with disappointment. There was not one carton of the desired ice cream on their shelves. I couldn’t believe it, after walking down the entire aisle twice, my eye spotted a familiar green carton. A smile crossed my face, only to be disappointed as the words…caramel apple! Grossness! So disappointedly I left, determined to forget the craving! But that is not how things work. Four hours later, and after many mountain dews the craving had still not passed. So with new determination I headed to a different Wal-mart, and then another one! I gave up went to Fry’s and settled for a different brand of mocha. Which turned out to be extremely disappointing, and ended in watching it melt slowing then dumping it in the trash can!

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Anonymous said...

aw.....this post made me so sad. I totally felt like i was right there with you! What gives?! B&N not carrying all of Jane Austen? Isn't that illegal in certain states? And the mocha mudslide....mmmmmmmm..... that makes me really sad for you. I'm sorry... I so wish we lived in the same town again and we could just play all the day long... gosh, i miss you....