29 September 2008

Do I Know you?

Ok so I have no life and watch TV to fill what's left of my empty void after school with not studying! But I must say that this last week was intense! Yep that's right, so here is a recap--and by recap I mean I'm going to tell you what I like about the shows I watched this week and why you should watch them too!--IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHY ARE YOU STILL READING! In other words no comments about "spoiling" the show for you!

First up, How I Met Your Mother, which premiered this last week! Any of you out there who have not yet watched an episode you are totally missing out! Mother is a Friendsesque sitcom! It stars Neil Patrick Harris, more lovingly known as Doogie Houser! That's right he's back, and the biggest douge bag, but you cannot help but love him! Especially since he admits what we all thought after seeing last season's finale…Barney Stinson is in love with Robin! Oh no, you read that right, the Barney Stinson is in love with Robin! I loved when he agonizingly admits that after the one time he slept with Robin, he "caught feelings! Caught them bad!"

But on to the most enjoyable part of the show…the Star Wars part! We learn that Stella (Sarah Chalke) has never seen Star Wars! This is a major tragedy that both Marshall and I can see! But alas there are some things that just cannot be explained by words alone you have to see it for your self!

02 September 2008

Reading...State of Fear

I finally got around to reading Michael Crichton's State of Fear. It was Amazing! I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a brain! I don't really have the right words...! I don't believe in global warming! I believe that there are some people, in our liberal based media, that want to make us all believe that the world is going to end tomorrow. They crave power and want to control everything in our lives...Obama, Hilary...Huumm...kind of reminds me of other world leaders...Hitler...Stalin...! Michael Crichton is amazing and he puts facts, yes, I said FACTS, into his book(s)! Yes this is fiction but it's based on real actual data complied by scientists for decades! Global warming isn't real, and unfortunately we let people without high school diplomas...Hollywood...convince us what terrible people we are for living! Don't get me wrong I totally believe in not littering, planting tress and other green things, having emissions tests, hybrid cars...Have you seen the Tahoe Hybrid, I'd drive it! But I believe in drilling for oil of the coast of California and Florida...China and Cuba are drilling off the coast of Florida, I'm sorry but there is something wrong with letting Communist Ruled Countries profit off of America natural resources BEFORE Americans! I believe in drilling in ANWAR, I think we should build oil refineries, and eventually make cars that run of of corn! America grows more corn then we could ever possibly need, lets make those back to the future cars that run on trash and leftovers! I even believe in using DDT again! And that is why I liked the book! It's a great book about global warming...and the fact that it's a load of crap!

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