26 November 2008

John Williams Tribute...

My mom found this a few weeks ago. I'm not entirely sold on it. I mean it's awesome, but...well see for yourself!

25 November 2008


I think I'm falling in love with the bowtie look! This one is from Lark and holy cuteness!

21 November 2008


So I found this rediculously awesome sounding book!

...somebody should totally give this to me for Christmas!

I Remember...(mission)

So I'm sitting here at work working real hard!

--after District Meeting we went to get dounuts and the homeless lady I offered mine to refused my food!
--Hubbard and I walked home from Hermana Olvidarez's house carrying a plate of enchilada's through the dark streets of No Ho...we passed at least four "gentleman's clubs!"
--being craned by Cannon for the first time!
--Drinking my first Monster!
--Blue Footed Boobies!
--Washing the car to the Joseph Smith Nashville Tribute CD!
--Decorating planners!
--Popcorn with Cheese!
--Hint of Lime Doritos!
--Almost being eaten by a pitt bull!
--The Flour Game at Familia Valenzuela's!
--Hermana Richard's losing her ring playing the hot and cold game with Familia Dubon!
--Holding Hermana Patti's Towel!
--Tracking into Goat!
--Tracking the freaky building in No Ho with the super skinny old lady, scary guy with the thing on his face, and the people yelling in some language that made me think of terrorists!
--District Meeting Pens!
--Eating so much I thought my stomach would explode!
--Hanson and Dehart singing about hot pockets!
--Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer!
--Hermana Patti Mungia calling and telling me she was pregnant!
--Freaky stories about pregnancy from Hermana Patti!
--Hermana Bucaro laughing at Elder Pryor!
--The first time Cannon and I met Elder Pryor!
--District Meeting at the Rock!
--The Christams thing were Hayes started talking about T Rex and the next thing I know he had pick Hubbard up and carried her in a circle!
--Training calls from President!
--Being ETed to Santa Clarita!
--Finding out I was going to be Hermana Perez's companion!
--Meeting Hermana D!
--Meeting Hermana Richards and Perez in the elevator!
--Racing to see who could change the fastest!
--Playing the what are they watching game, you know when you drive by a car watching a movie...yeah that totally back fired when I had a car full of girls coming back from a Sisters Conference, and the car was watching Porn!
--Ramon with Chips!
--Who vs What
--Ellett's hat's!
--laughing at Vary!
--Dixon on the blue pill!
--Firefighters stalking Hubbard y yo!
--Teaching Pablo with Hubbard!
--Tooth numbing cinnamon rolls!
--Chasing airplanes!
--Going to my first appointment and crying the entire time!
--good times!

15 November 2008


What I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Trying to get out of going to mutual!
2. Worrying about Mr Rings Stupid lizard crawling around my table!
3. Wishing Mrs Gilbert would be less perky in the morning
4. loving JTT
5. Watching Cartoons!

Things on my to-do list:
1. Take a freaking Shower!
2. Do my homework!
3. Clean my room!
4. Finish this!
5. Finish Scanning photos!

Snacks that I enjoy:
1. Mountain Dew!!!
2. Dark Chocolate Truffles!
3. Hint of Lime Doritos!
4. Pumpkin Cookies!
5. Slurpees!

5 Things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. Pay everything off!
2. Buy a house!
3. Buy a Silverado...and a Beamer!
4. Lasik!!! That's right!
5. I'd totally buy a summer house in London!

5 places I've lived:
1. Queen Creek, AZ
2. No Ho, CA
3. Santa Clarita, CA
4. Provo, UT
5. Coolidge, AZ

Jobs I've had:
1. Piano Teacher
2. Cold Stone Stoner
3. Administrative Assistant at Beehive Ceilings...which really needs to be terminated very soon!

5 People I Tag:
1. Mom
2. Mecham
3. Mel
4. yeah I don't think anyone else reads this!

13 November 2008

Happy Birthday to my future husband...

That's right Gerard Butler turns 39 today! And holy crap he's fretching hot!

07 November 2008

Ode to Cannon!

So I found this site the other day...The Giraffe Manor...

...and my thoughts went imediately to Cannon! See for yourself!

05 November 2008

Happy Birthday Hubbard!

Happy Birthday Hubbard! Now of those who can find this blog I'm sure you all know my best freind Hubbard Claw Brown!
Now it's not really spelt Claw but I think that it's a lot more intimidating to spell it that way!
She's amazing, and beautiful and freaking talented! Here's a picture she painted for me! That's right, I'm sure you are all thinking...I swear I have seen that before!...
Well you haven't cause it's an original Hubbard!
She was an answer to prayer on the my mission.
I've learned a lot from her! She's been with me through good times, bad times, intense times and even came and saved me in Provo!
Happy Birthday Hubbard! Te quiero mucho!

04 November 2008

Election Night Dinner!

We started a tradition this year to celebrate the Election Night!

So to celebrate the most important night in our nations history for the next four years we through an awesome dinner!

It was super awesome! It was Megs' first year voting too! But as you can see she didn't get a sticker...that's what you get for voting early!