29 January 2009

Biology Homework...

So I have two labs for Bio to finish before tomorrow morning, but I was very much distracted!

Rupert Sanderson's Kit Kat Shoes...Gwyneth Paltrow wore them in November!

Jimmy Choo's Patent Leather Sandals...Amanda Seyfried wore these last week!

Christian Louboutin's Multi-Buckle Sandals...Heidi Klum wore these to the Golden Globes!

Christian Louboutin's Very Galaxy Platform Pumps...Anne Hathaway wore these at the beginning of the month!

These are a lot prettier then my lab book!

23 January 2009

American Money for Abortions?

President Obama reversed the abortion-funding act. The act stopped US money from funding international Family planning groups that promote abortion! The act was initiated by Reagan then canceled by Clinton. Then reinstated by President Bush. But once again, Tax payers money will be going to promoting abortions! Thank you President Obama for showing us that Families should not come first! I mean Family's are central to God's eternal plan, and the basis of government and society, but oh well, lets go ahead and fund people who want to abort babies. Do these groups inform them of the psychological side effects that follow aborting a baby? Or show the benefits of adoption? But why promote families when we can undermine and destroy them before they even begin, right?

22 January 2009

No More Gitmo?

On his second day as President Obama has signed a bill that will close Guantanamo Bay Prison! Where the heck are we going to put all the prisoners? Yes we have a year before it has to offically close, but where are we going to put them? What state is going to Happily Welcome the Gitmo prisoners?

20 January 2009

44th Inauguration

1-Well the quartet arranged by John Williams was awesome!

2-The Obama girls are cute!

3-After all the hype over Michelle Obama's fashion sense, I was expecting more, but the more pictures I see of it the more I like it.

4-I could see Janet Napolitano behind Obama for a while! And oh what a thrill to know that she is now in Washington and not Arizona!

5-Bush and Laura looked good! They just look like a cute couple!

6-I liked how Malia Obama was taking pictures and videos of the ceremony!

...Oh the judges that will be appointed, the very thought makes me want to move to Canada...yeah right, maybe England!

A New President?

So today is the day. And I cannot help but being a little disappointed. Ok more then a little I kind of want to cry. I liked Bush and I always will. I don't even know what to think about these next four years other than holy crap! And that doesn't make me a racist! Heck I've want Condi to run for President since 2004! I sit here and watch this and holy moly I feel sick, I just don't think that he'll keep his promises. Leftist Extremist! Can people really be all happy about who is going to be running our country! I mean on the up side Arizona finnaly got rid of Janet Napolitano. Good luck America, I'm glad she isn't running my state any longer!

09 January 2009

"Surely, if there be constant attachment on each side, our hearts must understand each other ere long."

Finally true happiness has returned to my life! That is right my long lost computer is now back, fixed and working wonderfully! I was so excited it was like Christmas all over again as I waited not so patiently for my new adaptor to arrive! The computer nightmare started when I took my baby to geeksquad to fix my DC Jack which was loose. How it gets loose I have no idea, but this is the second time I have taken it in for the same thing...whatever! Plus the right hinge was cracked and I thought it would be cool if they could replace that as well. So I take it in on 16 Dec. After about a week I took in my adaptor because that wasn't working either. But the nice geeket told me that she could not send the adaptor in while my computer was there. So Home I returned and waited...and waited...and waited...it's been a very long wait! I was told that it should definitely be back by 2 Jan. But this day came and went. So Tuesday 6 Jan I finally called...and the geek dude said that it was there and had been there for a couple of days! WHAT!!! I couldn't believe it. So after getting Megs signed up for one more class we headed over to Best Buy and picked up my long lost friend! As we were headed home, I finally decided on a name for my computer...that's right a name. You all can thank Hayes for this new...quirky...slightly strange behavior, who told me once that he named all his electronic devices. I thought it was slightly cute, but haven't been able to really think of an appropriate name. My car, at first was Temp, because it was going to be a temp, but as the days went on and my driving continued to be done in said car, it earned a name to...Mr Charles Bingley, called just Bingley or Chuck! But back to my computer. So I get my computer back and O drags me to FN...which is short for Family Night, most people say FHE but I find calling it FN much more enjoyable! Which is probably why I will never be the "FHE person" could you imagine someone standing up at the pulpit in the chapel and announcing that FN will be Tuesday at 7:30!! That would be so funny! Anyways...can you tell I have had 3 Mountain Dews today!...so we get back from FN and it's dead!!! :( Seriously so depressing. The next day as we shopped for a birthday present for Mel, I went to Best Buy and talk to yet a new geek and was told that they couldn't do anything! They told me to call Best Buy and that they would ship me a new one since it was under warranty. So we buy Mel's present, and come home and I call Best Buy, I talked to a very nice guy, TJ, and he says that he'll get that shipped that to me, and I should get it in 5-7 business days. I thanks him and want to scream, cry, eat ice cream anything. Another week, you have to be freaking kidding me! BUT this morning I finally check my email, and to my surprise the tracking number that they sent me said that my adaptor would arrive today! Today! HOLY MOLY! I could hardly believe it! I kept checking the status every 5-10 minutes. And finally at 2:43 it arrived! I almost screamed! L and I ran to the door and waved to the nice UPS man as he drove off! My adaptor was here! It's here finally, with a new mother board, LCD thing and brand new adaptor! Now after 24 very long days life can resume to normality, which since I have no job, my computer is my life! Wait, what was that...it's name...Well he's Captain Frederick Wentworth of course!