23 January 2009

American Money for Abortions?

President Obama reversed the abortion-funding act. The act stopped US money from funding international Family planning groups that promote abortion! The act was initiated by Reagan then canceled by Clinton. Then reinstated by President Bush. But once again, Tax payers money will be going to promoting abortions! Thank you President Obama for showing us that Families should not come first! I mean Family's are central to God's eternal plan, and the basis of government and society, but oh well, lets go ahead and fund people who want to abort babies. Do these groups inform them of the psychological side effects that follow aborting a baby? Or show the benefits of adoption? But why promote families when we can undermine and destroy them before they even begin, right?


KeNzIE said...

Malinda! Fun reading your blog! Sounds like your thrilled with our new Pres...haha. Hope your doing great.Love You

Malinda said...

I'll be holding my breathe for the next four years!