29 January 2009

Biology Homework...

So I have two labs for Bio to finish before tomorrow morning, but I was very much distracted!

Rupert Sanderson's Kit Kat Shoes...Gwyneth Paltrow wore them in November!

Jimmy Choo's Patent Leather Sandals...Amanda Seyfried wore these last week!

Christian Louboutin's Multi-Buckle Sandals...Heidi Klum wore these to the Golden Globes!

Christian Louboutin's Very Galaxy Platform Pumps...Anne Hathaway wore these at the beginning of the month!

These are a lot prettier then my lab book!

1 comment:

Julia said...

Haha! I love it. You are so cute. I am glad someone else shares my crazy love for clothes, shoes, and accessories. Good luck studying cutie pie! :)