20 January 2009

A New President?

So today is the day. And I cannot help but being a little disappointed. Ok more then a little I kind of want to cry. I liked Bush and I always will. I don't even know what to think about these next four years other than holy crap! And that doesn't make me a racist! Heck I've want Condi to run for President since 2004! I sit here and watch this and holy moly I feel sick, I just don't think that he'll keep his promises. Leftist Extremist! Can people really be all happy about who is going to be running our country! I mean on the up side Arizona finnaly got rid of Janet Napolitano. Good luck America, I'm glad she isn't running my state any longer!

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Eddie and Brenda said...

It is a SAD day! But...there is ALWAYS hope!