30 March 2009

Queen Creek does theater!

So good news to all those who live in Queen Creek, or any of the surrounding more populated areas, Queen Creek Community Theater is getting ready for another show!! I am super excited because it's...

I'm so excited!! Technically I've never seen the play and I'm pretty sure I've never seen the Donny Osmond version, BUT I do know every song. Oh no, you heard right, I know every song. Why? Well let me tell you. I blame it all on the mish. When you are only given a select number of things you can listen to, you listen to them! We had just finished a MoTab ban...you know where the only approved music is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir...and some how this made an approved list. So we listened, learned, and then one unfortunate day you're out knowing doors and you realize...Oh My Goodness! I know ALL the songs! It was not the proudest moment of my life, but now I can put that hidden talent into use...No I'm not going to be in the play. But I will most definitely be there when they perform this!!! I have no idea what the dates are, but they held tryouts this last week!

Here's hoping that Mr. Owens realizes that he cannot play the lead in this production and that Papa Hottie does!! (The video is for my mother...and all those Donny fans out there! You know who you are!)

27 March 2009

Friday's Favorites...

--Pushing Daisies! This was a lovely little show that has unfortunately been canceled. But that is just another one of those little lemons that life gives you that you want to hand to the most adorably handsome Pie Maker so he can make you a pie! It was a super cute show that I shed a tear for while in the shower. But if you can get a hold of a copy of the first season, do. It's a modern day fairy tale, musical, unrealistic, grown up Disney like, TV show! I recently checked this out of the library...but it's on my when I get a job I need to buy list...there are only 9 episodes because of the writers strike, so you can watch them all in 7 hours! Even Ole watched them, and yes he thought they were very cheesy but they are so cute. You have Lee Pace as the beautiful Pie Maker...and my future husband...plus Kristin Chenoweth...from Wicked and she sings!!!...just watch it and you will know what I mean!

--Diana Wynne Jones! I have been slightly obsessing over Jones books this year, I've read six of her books so far. I'm in the middle of Conrad's Fate, and they are all so good. For those persons out there who liked Harry Potter, may I whole heartily suggest Jones books. I started with Howl's Moving Castle (Because the movie was to beautiful not to read the book that inspired it!) So that is where I would suggest you start. There are three in the castle series, and now I am reading the books in the Chrestomanci Series. They are very easy to read and just lovely books all about magic!

--Reba McEntire! The Queen of Country! If I could be any person for a day, Reba would be on the top of my list...at least today! I love her! I love her music, I loved her TV show...yes, I watched it, I still watch it and laugh my butt off, it's so up there with Friends and How I Met Your Mother! It's actually her birthday tomorrow, she turns 54, so everyone should listen to Fancy in her honor! And Brooks & Dunn's 'Cowgirls Don't Cry' with her singing! If you haven't heard that version you are most definitely missing out!

--My first CD ever was her greatest hits CD, a Christmas present from my Uncle Bret and Aunt Marsha!! Thanks again!!

--Mountain Dew Voltage! There is something about the cachink sound when you open a can at 7:30 in the morning and then the tingling sensation in you nose and you catch the first whiff of it's contents! Yes I love...and by love I mean I would most definitely marry the delicious can of goodness if it was legal and morally correct of course...mountain dew. I know there are a few out there that are trying to catch their breath as the search the Internet for the talk by President Hinckley that says we do not drink caffeine. I can almost hear the page turning to Doctrine and Covenants 89 to subtly point out to me that we do not consume things that are addictive and harmful! And that it fine, in fact it probably made that first sip this morning all the more sweeter! But do not worry, I still have a recommend even if there are those who would don't it's authenticity now!!

20 March 2009

Krazy Kenley...

Yes I admit I watch Project Runway! It's highly entertaining and let's be honest it would only be like the coolest thing ever to actually design things out of food, car parts, candy, etc.

But more importantly, Kenley the one who freaked out all the time during season 5, is totally crazy!! She was recently arrested for assault against her ex-fiance! Apparently she attacked him with her cat, a laptop, several apples, and water! So dear Kenley you may be crazy but I still like the way you dress and most of the things you made!

19 March 2009

Lars and the Real Girl!

Ok. Yet another movie...but it's awesome! If you like quirky, lovely, sweet movies then you should see this! Yes, one of the main characters is a life size doll...and no she doesn't not come to life, that is Pinocchio! But it's so cute! I loved the towns people and what they do to include Bianca! Plus, Ryan Gosling is pretty dang hot!

Favorite Quotes:

"That is just not true! God! Every person in this town bends over backward to make Bianca feel at home. Why do you think she has so many places to go and so much to do? Huh? Huh? Because of you! Because - all these people - love you! We push her wheelchair. We drive her to work. We drive her home. We wash her. We dress her. We get her up, and put her to bed. We carry her. And she is not petite, Lars. Bianca is a big, big girl! None of this is easy - for any of us - but we do it... Oh! We do it for you! So don't you dare tell me how we don't care."--Karin

"Like, you know, like, you don't jerk people around, you know, and you don't cheat on your woman, and you take care of your family, you know, and you admit when you're wrong, or you try to, anyways. That's all I can think of, you know - it sound like it's easy and for some reason it's not."--Gus

"Lars asked us not to wear black today. He did so to remind us that this is no ordinary funeral. We are here to celebrate Bianca's extraordinary life. From her wheelchair, Bianca reached out and touched us all, in ways we could never have imagined. She was a teacher. She was a lesson in courage. And Bianca loved us all. Especially Lars. Especially him."--Reverend Bock

Alexis Got Married!

Here are some photos of A's Wedding! It was very cute, very A!!
A Table!
The Cake!

Mr. and Mrs. McD!

A y yo!

D, yo, A y T! It was fun seeing them, I haven't really seen them much since High School! And side note to any who care...A and H (the wedding the week before) both had the same dress! Crazy huh!

08 March 2009

oh MY goodness...

I finally petitioned to graduate! That's right! After all these years of taking classes that really didn't have anything to do with a degree or life plan! I'm getting my associates this May...well I have two science classes and a pretty random not very interesting communications class that I have to pass, but then I'll graduate. (So prayers for me and my future are totally welcome! :)

I've been to two weddings in the last two weeks. Both for friends that my sister, Megs...who is 18...and they all graduated last May! That was pretty intense!

My best friend from high school A...who is not only freaking gorgeous but one of the most fun persons I know...had a bridal shower. (Her wedding is Friday, the 13th! I Personally think that is kind of awesome!) Which was fun, and cute...but she's getting married! This is super intense! It has caused me to realize that I might be a little bit behind on this whole growing up thing we are suppose to do! (Above picture was totally stolen from her fiance's facebook page...but I don't think he reads this so I'm not even going to pretend I'm sorry!)

Not so much the marriage part, but the part where she's graduated, teaching 2nd graders, has a house, But then again she always was the more responsible one. But still, when I graduated I had a plan. I was going to be a teacher...that didn't work out so well as I dropped my intro to education class before the first day. Then I was going to major in communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and work for Disney! In reality I don't know how serious I was about this, but it sounded cool, I liked communication, it was really long so people thought I had a plan when I explained what I was going to do, and who doesn't want to work for Disney?!

The one thing I knew was that I was going to go on a mission! Missions are awesome! To anyone who is thinking/pondering/considering I would highly recommend them! It will be the hardest, most fun experience of your life. When I look back on things now I realize that I didn't really have a life plan, just a half life plan...you know right up until I left on my mission. Before my mission I knew I could pick up my papers 6 months before I turned 21, I knew I could turn them in 3 months before, I was set apart on my 21st birthday then reported to the MTC. That was what happened. I just always counted on the fact that I would be so spiritually enlightened as a missionary, that I would know exactly what to do with the rest of my life. Yeah...that didn't work.

So life has been kind of intense lately...you know in that I don't have a job, so I really don't do much of anything kind of way! For example...

Since then I dropped a communications class at BYU and decided that it wasn't for me. I dropped an intro to education class, because if all education classes were as boring and pointless as that one there was no way I was going to get through them! Now I am seriously thinking about being a librarian! I'd be dealing with more books than people. I have an excuse to wear awesome librarian clothes...think Rachel Weisz in the Mummy, Mariam Madam Librarian from the Music Man, high waisted skirts, heels, sweaters, horn rimmed glasses, fishnets...the closet would be awesome in and of it self!

Plus on top of everything else, I forgot that my future husband turned 41 on Monday! So I'm sorry Daniel, but you know how it is!