27 March 2009

Friday's Favorites...

--Pushing Daisies! This was a lovely little show that has unfortunately been canceled. But that is just another one of those little lemons that life gives you that you want to hand to the most adorably handsome Pie Maker so he can make you a pie! It was a super cute show that I shed a tear for while in the shower. But if you can get a hold of a copy of the first season, do. It's a modern day fairy tale, musical, unrealistic, grown up Disney like, TV show! I recently checked this out of the library...but it's on my when I get a job I need to buy list...there are only 9 episodes because of the writers strike, so you can watch them all in 7 hours! Even Ole watched them, and yes he thought they were very cheesy but they are so cute. You have Lee Pace as the beautiful Pie Maker...and my future husband...plus Kristin Chenoweth...from Wicked and she sings!!!...just watch it and you will know what I mean!

--Diana Wynne Jones! I have been slightly obsessing over Jones books this year, I've read six of her books so far. I'm in the middle of Conrad's Fate, and they are all so good. For those persons out there who liked Harry Potter, may I whole heartily suggest Jones books. I started with Howl's Moving Castle (Because the movie was to beautiful not to read the book that inspired it!) So that is where I would suggest you start. There are three in the castle series, and now I am reading the books in the Chrestomanci Series. They are very easy to read and just lovely books all about magic!

--Reba McEntire! The Queen of Country! If I could be any person for a day, Reba would be on the top of my list...at least today! I love her! I love her music, I loved her TV show...yes, I watched it, I still watch it and laugh my butt off, it's so up there with Friends and How I Met Your Mother! It's actually her birthday tomorrow, she turns 54, so everyone should listen to Fancy in her honor! And Brooks & Dunn's 'Cowgirls Don't Cry' with her singing! If you haven't heard that version you are most definitely missing out!

--My first CD ever was her greatest hits CD, a Christmas present from my Uncle Bret and Aunt Marsha!! Thanks again!!

--Mountain Dew Voltage! There is something about the cachink sound when you open a can at 7:30 in the morning and then the tingling sensation in you nose and you catch the first whiff of it's contents! Yes I love...and by love I mean I would most definitely marry the delicious can of goodness if it was legal and morally correct of course...mountain dew. I know there are a few out there that are trying to catch their breath as the search the Internet for the talk by President Hinckley that says we do not drink caffeine. I can almost hear the page turning to Doctrine and Covenants 89 to subtly point out to me that we do not consume things that are addictive and harmful! And that it fine, in fact it probably made that first sip this morning all the more sweeter! But do not worry, I still have a recommend even if there are those who would don't it's authenticity now!!

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