30 March 2009

Queen Creek does theater!

So good news to all those who live in Queen Creek, or any of the surrounding more populated areas, Queen Creek Community Theater is getting ready for another show!! I am super excited because it's...

I'm so excited!! Technically I've never seen the play and I'm pretty sure I've never seen the Donny Osmond version, BUT I do know every song. Oh no, you heard right, I know every song. Why? Well let me tell you. I blame it all on the mish. When you are only given a select number of things you can listen to, you listen to them! We had just finished a MoTab ban...you know where the only approved music is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir...and some how this made an approved list. So we listened, learned, and then one unfortunate day you're out knowing doors and you realize...Oh My Goodness! I know ALL the songs! It was not the proudest moment of my life, but now I can put that hidden talent into use...No I'm not going to be in the play. But I will most definitely be there when they perform this!!! I have no idea what the dates are, but they held tryouts this last week!

Here's hoping that Mr. Owens realizes that he cannot play the lead in this production and that Papa Hottie does!! (The video is for my mother...and all those Donny fans out there! You know who you are!)

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iheartkiwi said...

way to go queen creek! is that culture i spy?