26 April 2009

Happy Birthday Mother!!

Today is my Mothers Birthday!! She's pretty much the most amazing person I have ever met! Thanks for everything you have done for me Mom! I love you and hope you had a Happy Birthday!

24 April 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Jimmy Choo's North Shoe Boots! They're Just so Pretty!

Steven Crowder! He's pretty freaking hilarious! I like what he says, it's not politically correct but I like him!

Lyuba…the most perfectly preserved woolly mammoth ever found! Waking the Baby Mammoth airs on National Geographic Sunday 26 Apr at 7pm! You have to admit that it's pretty cool! She was a WOOLLY MAMMOTH…technically she still is! Look at her! How cool is this! I'm totally planning on watching this, but it's Mothers Birthday and I have 24 Communication Journal Entries I haven't written yet…so ojala!

Strawberry Jam! Mother and Mel have been making Strawberry freezer jam today! And now they're making bread! I love it when they go all domestic!

23 April 2009

Nevitt Knight Day!

Today was my Mema and Pop's 55th Anniversary…or Nevitt Knight Day!!

For those of you who are lucky enough to know them know that they are two of the coolest people ever born!

My senior year in high school we started a little tradition where we wear Nevitt Knight shirts to school or where ever we go!

Even on the mission! Yes, I brought enough shirts to share!

I hope you two had an awesome day! I love you!!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...or Scotland!

Eight, yes eight police officers in Scotland have listed their Religion as…Jedi! That's right, not only does Scotland produce incredibly hot men that are suppose to marry me…Gerard Butler and James McAvoy…they are now producing crime fighting Jedi Masters! How cool is that!

390,000 people listed their religion as Jedi in the 2001 Census for England and Wales.

Last year, the Jones brothers founded the UK Church of the Jedi! They have sermons on the Force, light sabre training, and meditation techniques. To be honest, light sabre training would be totally cool!

21 April 2009

Happy Birthday to my future husband...

Yep, today James McAvoy turns 30! And holy hotness!
To be perfectly honest, I could not help but love him! I mean I had no chance what so ever. First he's hot! Second he's Scottish! Third he's hot! Fourth...do I really need a fourth! I was a goner from the first time I saw him in Narnia. Even though he was playing a faun in Narnia...he was still hot! And then he went and played Jane Austen's love interest and yet again I just become more certain that we are meant to be. Yes he's happily married...but still a girl can dream!!

17 April 2009

Tonight I saw...

Beauty and the Beast!!
L the little girl Megs watches is turning four on Sunday, so for her birthday we all went and saw Queen Creek High School's Beauty and the Beast!! It was really good! I know, I know you're thinking…Queen Creek High School?!? And yes, it's the same Queen Creek you're thinking of...And they did an excellent job! They all sang incredibly well, the costumes were awesome, and the choreography impressive! But it was decided that our favorites were…

Bianca Kleiebreil as Mrs. Potts!...she was so cute in with her little hand spout and has an amazing voice!
Adam Benavides as Lumiere!...he was hilarious!!
Brenton Erickson as Lefou!...Also very funny!!
Nick Martin as Cogsworth!...My Mom laughed so hard when he laughs from Maurice tickling him!
Reid Hatch as Gaston!...He's pretty skinny but he won us over when he flexed all over the stage and then showed us his chest hair!
Alica Benning as Belle!...She was very pretty and could sing too!
Peyton Flake as Chip was Lola's favorite!
...and on top of it all Mr. Owens was not in the play!!

I loved the costumes though. When those forks and spoons came dancing out, and Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere, Cogsworth, the Wardrobe lady…I was hooked!! Queen Creek has sure come a long way since Kilroy Was Here the musical they did my senior year! So if you didn't see it tonight then go see it tomorrow or Monday! It's totally worth it!

Check out these awesome boots L was sporting tonight! There are times when I don't know how I can love this girl more, then she pulls these out! Happy Birthday L!

But the most exciting part of the night was when I turned my program over and saw this…

Holy Moly!! Mark your calendars people Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat is coming June 26th, 27th and 29th at 7 in the pm!!! It's going to be awesome...Becca Barney and Shirell Allen are Narrators and Brent Slade is Joseph! That's enough of a reason to go and see it!...I'm going to burn a copy of the soundtrack for PS and Mel, to subtly try and convince PS that he should take Mel to see this!!...and yes, Vader was my date tonight!!

Favorite Fridays!

Jane Austen Ruined My Life!! It's a Delightful, fast paced, quick read. The thought of 2,000+ Jane Austen letters not only intrigued my mind but caught my heart skipping a beat. I loved following Emma Grant through her different tasks in the different places I have often dreamt about being. For Jane Austen really does instill in one an unrealistic expectation of Love and Happy Endings. But Austen herself shows us that they don't always happen. Beth Pattillo gives us an entertaining, heart pounding tale that one might assume would make even Austen herself proud!

Olive Garden Bread Sticks!! They're delicious, they're warm, they melt in your mouth almost goodness! And I am definitely jonesing for some right now!

Monsters vs. Aliens!! It was pretty funny! Megs and I went and saw it on my two years Home anniversary! Gigantica also wears a pretty awesome outfit at the end! It's very Balenciaga!
Favorite Random Quotes:
"Did you see how strong I was back there? I bet there wasn't a jar in the world I couldn't open."-Susan Murphy
"Oh, honey, ever since you were a little baby, I knew... you would save the world from an alien invasion."-Wendy Murphy
"We need our best scientists on this. Somebody call India."-Advisor

PB!! He's been so fun to have around! And now that he's been back for a few weeks, he's even beginning to like us! Even when we don't bribe him with food!

13 April 2009

Comunications Homework!

So I'm down to crunch time on a culture event paper that 1- I don't want to write and 2-Did not attend! But the paper is due in like an hour anyways, so as I studiously sit here working on it and not writing on this blog and not checking facebook, I found this on Death of Our Republic! It pretty much made my day! Almost as much as K did yesterday when she opened her scriptures at church to the Articles of Faith, and every single word was highlighted in pink! So thank you everyone who has contributed to my good mood, despite my procrastination of this paper that looks like it will have to be turned in tomorrow!

12 April 2009

New Show!!

If you find yourself up at 9 on a Monday night and you want to watch a totally awesome show you should watch CASTLE!! It's pretty cool! All about a mystery writer who needs inspiration for his next novel and starts following a cop!

But the best part is that Castle is played by Nathan Fillion! Who you might remember from the awesome show Firefly or as Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog!

He's hot and more than likely my future husband! So you should watch the show to support him! Monday's on ABC!

11 April 2009


I have finally watched Twilight and…I liked it! Seriously! To be completely honest I was more excited to watch it now then I ever was when it was in theaters! So here's the low down…

1st-I am still not in love with Robert Pattinson! Sorry but when I look at him I do not see the Edward I read about in the book! He's good looking and I would not stop him from kissing me…ever…and I admit that by the end of the movie I was almost ready to completely forgive him for all disgusting hair pictures and accept him as the new love in my life. But even in the movie he has this…weird uncontrollable hair thing going on! I mean seriously Bella, get control of your man and cut his hair! Not a lot, just a little off of the enormous cabbage on top of his head! Now don't get me wrong, I've seen pictures where his hair looks hot and I see why he doesn't do something different…but for the most part it bothers me!...This might have something to do with the fact that my dad has never had hair, and my brothers (and PS for that matter) have never had hair long enough to bother me or resemble cabbage!

2nd-There are a few characters that I really loved in the movie and none of them get a lot of air time but here they are anyway!

…Charlie Swan played by Billy Burke…not the one in the wheel chair...! I really loved him in the book and in the movie! And it helps that Burke is pretty hot! Yes he is, even if they tried to hide the hottness with a mustache…yeah it didn't work! He's not future husband material, only because he's married to Jennie Garth and they really do look beautiful together! It looks like I'm destined to be Mrs. Craig!

…Esme Cullen played by Elizabeth Reaser! She really brought the loveliness of Esme to the screen! Esme is the one that makes them a Family! Her vampire quality that was enhanced by vampirism was love…just loving others! I can't even picture what I thought Esme looked anymore! She really was perfect!

…Jasper Hale played by Jackson Rathbone and Alice Cullen played by Ashley Green! Jasper is hot and definitely a candidate to be my future husband...and he's in a band! Alice well lets be honest she's my favorite character from the books, and they are my favorite couple!

3rd-There are some things that are minor but that I did miss in the movie.
...Bella's prom dress, is suppose to be way over the top! I was looking forward to seeing the awkward, shy Bella in an over the top dress and shoe to match!
...When Bella wakes up in the hospital her Mom tells her Edward is sleeping…but we all know that vampires don't sleep! I missed the little, sarcastic lighten the mood side versus straight into a New Moon I can't live without Edward yet thing!
...The blood testing scene. When Bella needs to go to the nurse because she can't stand the smell of blood. When on her way she meets Edward who was cutting class so he wouldn't be tempted…seriously what a gentleman!..! He tells her that you can't smell blood, even though he can and she says she can!
...When Bella figures out what Edward is…mainly from Jacob telling her…she has weird dreams of him but she says that "she couldn't feel the right kind of fear" One of my favorite lines from the book, it would have fit well in the movie!
...Bella says Edward's name out loud when she was sleeping…this is why he kept coming back!
...Not so much in this movie BUT when Jacob becomes a werewolf, he grows Super Tall…how is this little Jacob going to pull that off? Other that that I wasn't disappointed in Jacob, even though I always pictured him as Hubbard's husband J…who is tall...in my head!

Over all I really enjoyed the movie! And it might be that I'm just hanging out with K and M too much lately…still not going to see Hannah Montana though…I definitely recommend the movie! What I don’t recommend is obsessing about the books! No offence to those who are or have, but that is kind of pathetic! But to each his own!

10 April 2009

Favorite Fridays...

The Easter Pageant! If you haven't seen it yet you should go! I read on about.com that it's the largest Pageant of it's kind in the world! It is only on for two more days! Tonight...in 3 hours!...and Saturday at 8:00pm! It's a little over an hour lone, and worth it! It's all about the life, mission and teachings of Jesua Chirst! If you have any questions...some of the FAQ on the site I thought were funny, I never knew you could get a picture with the actor who plays Christ, when the pageant started, or who takes care of the animals throughout the year!...you can talk to one of the young men with name tags on! They Love people with questions...seriously!

5 Gum! This is my favorite gum! Which sadly I am out of at the moment!

Twilight! But more on that later!

Lavatory Love Story! It's super cute! It was nominated for an Academy Award, it's not Pixar detail but oh so cute!!

Christian Louboutin's Glittered Platform Pump! Talk about a celestialiazed shoe!

04 April 2009


I know that it's way past Election Day but I found this tonight and totally agree! And it helps that Ferguson is fetching funny! Enjoy and Never forget...If you don't vote, You Are A Moron!

If you're not registered to vote...do it today!

A Spanish Bible!

So after conference was over this morning, I started looking through recent press releases and here was an exciting one. The church is printing a LDS version of the Holy Bible in Spanish!! This is super exciting! It's based on the Reina Valera version!! So the Santa Biblia will be able to have all the foot notes and chapter headings that we have in the English one! Which let's be honest they sure make studying a lot easier! So mark your calendars because you and purchase your own copy in September!

03 April 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Breyers Rocky Road! Need I say more? I think not!

James Bond! Ok, Ok, I gave in and bought this on Saturday! It's so good! Daniel Craig is the best James Bond ever...followed extremely closely by Sean Connery...and it's not just because he's incredibly gorgeous, drives a hot fast car, and blows things up...on second thought that might be exactly it!

Christian Louboutin! His Very Galaxy Pumps in Pink!! Oh my goodness, I am lusting after these like no other! If I was getting a stimulus check and a job...I would be very tempted to buy these...even though they are way out of even my imaginary budget!!

President Monson! It's General Conference weekend! I'm so excited! Anyone who wants to watch there will be four sessions this weekend. They'll be at 9:00-11:00 and 1:00-3:00 both Saturday and Sunday! I mean how many times do you really have to listen to the Prophet of God?!