10 April 2009

Favorite Fridays...

The Easter Pageant! If you haven't seen it yet you should go! I read on about.com that it's the largest Pageant of it's kind in the world! It is only on for two more days! Tonight...in 3 hours!...and Saturday at 8:00pm! It's a little over an hour lone, and worth it! It's all about the life, mission and teachings of Jesua Chirst! If you have any questions...some of the FAQ on the site I thought were funny, I never knew you could get a picture with the actor who plays Christ, when the pageant started, or who takes care of the animals throughout the year!...you can talk to one of the young men with name tags on! They Love people with questions...seriously!

5 Gum! This is my favorite gum! Which sadly I am out of at the moment!

Twilight! But more on that later!

Lavatory Love Story! It's super cute! It was nominated for an Academy Award, it's not Pixar detail but oh so cute!!

Christian Louboutin's Glittered Platform Pump! Talk about a celestialiazed shoe!

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