17 April 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Jane Austen Ruined My Life!! It's a Delightful, fast paced, quick read. The thought of 2,000+ Jane Austen letters not only intrigued my mind but caught my heart skipping a beat. I loved following Emma Grant through her different tasks in the different places I have often dreamt about being. For Jane Austen really does instill in one an unrealistic expectation of Love and Happy Endings. But Austen herself shows us that they don't always happen. Beth Pattillo gives us an entertaining, heart pounding tale that one might assume would make even Austen herself proud!

Olive Garden Bread Sticks!! They're delicious, they're warm, they melt in your mouth almost goodness! And I am definitely jonesing for some right now!

Monsters vs. Aliens!! It was pretty funny! Megs and I went and saw it on my two years Home anniversary! Gigantica also wears a pretty awesome outfit at the end! It's very Balenciaga!
Favorite Random Quotes:
"Did you see how strong I was back there? I bet there wasn't a jar in the world I couldn't open."-Susan Murphy
"Oh, honey, ever since you were a little baby, I knew... you would save the world from an alien invasion."-Wendy Murphy
"We need our best scientists on this. Somebody call India."-Advisor

PB!! He's been so fun to have around! And now that he's been back for a few weeks, he's even beginning to like us! Even when we don't bribe him with food!

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Emilee said...

lala! now i can check your blog! and i crave those olive garden breadsticks. even right at this moment i would eat one at it is 2 in the morning...cant sleep. anyway. love ya!