24 April 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Jimmy Choo's North Shoe Boots! They're Just so Pretty!

Steven Crowder! He's pretty freaking hilarious! I like what he says, it's not politically correct but I like him!

Lyuba…the most perfectly preserved woolly mammoth ever found! Waking the Baby Mammoth airs on National Geographic Sunday 26 Apr at 7pm! You have to admit that it's pretty cool! She was a WOOLLY MAMMOTH…technically she still is! Look at her! How cool is this! I'm totally planning on watching this, but it's Mothers Birthday and I have 24 Communication Journal Entries I haven't written yet…so ojala!

Strawberry Jam! Mother and Mel have been making Strawberry freezer jam today! And now they're making bread! I love it when they go all domestic!

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