17 April 2009

Tonight I saw...

Beauty and the Beast!!
L the little girl Megs watches is turning four on Sunday, so for her birthday we all went and saw Queen Creek High School's Beauty and the Beast!! It was really good! I know, I know you're thinking…Queen Creek High School?!? And yes, it's the same Queen Creek you're thinking of...And they did an excellent job! They all sang incredibly well, the costumes were awesome, and the choreography impressive! But it was decided that our favorites were…

Bianca Kleiebreil as Mrs. Potts!...she was so cute in with her little hand spout and has an amazing voice!
Adam Benavides as Lumiere!...he was hilarious!!
Brenton Erickson as Lefou!...Also very funny!!
Nick Martin as Cogsworth!...My Mom laughed so hard when he laughs from Maurice tickling him!
Reid Hatch as Gaston!...He's pretty skinny but he won us over when he flexed all over the stage and then showed us his chest hair!
Alica Benning as Belle!...She was very pretty and could sing too!
Peyton Flake as Chip was Lola's favorite!
...and on top of it all Mr. Owens was not in the play!!

I loved the costumes though. When those forks and spoons came dancing out, and Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere, Cogsworth, the Wardrobe lady…I was hooked!! Queen Creek has sure come a long way since Kilroy Was Here the musical they did my senior year! So if you didn't see it tonight then go see it tomorrow or Monday! It's totally worth it!

Check out these awesome boots L was sporting tonight! There are times when I don't know how I can love this girl more, then she pulls these out! Happy Birthday L!

But the most exciting part of the night was when I turned my program over and saw this…

Holy Moly!! Mark your calendars people Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat is coming June 26th, 27th and 29th at 7 in the pm!!! It's going to be awesome...Becca Barney and Shirell Allen are Narrators and Brent Slade is Joseph! That's enough of a reason to go and see it!...I'm going to burn a copy of the soundtrack for PS and Mel, to subtly try and convince PS that he should take Mel to see this!!...and yes, Vader was my date tonight!!

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