31 May 2009

Big Ben!

Today Big Ben turns 150! That's right 150! Isn't it awesome! It's ancient and accurate…and beautiful! Oh how my soul is longing to be there!

Seriously, don't I look like I just belong in London! Happy Birthday Big Ben!

Happy Birthday Mema!

Today is my Mema's Birthday! She's pretty awesome. I don't know anyone who knows their scriptures better then Mema. She taught Seminary for years!

She gave us all a huge scare earlier this year, but because she taught all her kids Faith and they in turned have taught us with her for an example…We were given a Modern Miracle! And she is still here! Happy Birthday Mema! I hope you have a great day! And I'll see you tonight!

…Have you ever seen a cuter couple!

30 May 2009

Happy Birthday Papa!!

Today is Papa's 54th Birthday! He's pretty awesome and I swear even at 54 he can totally beat up your dad! Happy Birthday Papa! Hope you enjoy your day!

29 May 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Christian Dior! I am in total lust for this Christian Dior dress that Rachel Weisz is wearing! It's so gorgeous! If I had a job…that paid really…really well…I would totally buy this and be wearing it to my cousin J's Wedding next week! Doesn't it just say…I belong in Malinda's closet!

Cheese Rolling! Oh my goodness! I so want to go to one of these! Not so much participate…because I'm sure I would tumble to my death! But oh to be able to watch! That would be so freaking awesome! Oh you English, you sure know how to have fun! The best is to watch it on youtube! I love that they have people at the bottom to stop…tackle the people who come down! It's great!

Hint of Lime! As I sit here hoping someone in this house will make dinner before I have to I have a sudden craving for these delectable chips! Now don't mock! These are really quite good…I know that there are some foods out there that boast lime taste that are…well over or underwhelming…but these are perfect! Probably my favorite chip! And I owe it all to Hermana D for introducing me to them during my first weeks on the mish…mission!

Son of Rambow! I checked this out from the library last week and have watched no less then 10 times! It is so cute! Now you might have your doubts…but don't! I laughed so hard and even got a little teary at the end! It has a little Napoleon Dynamite feel at times…it can be a little ridiculous, but who doesn't need a little of the ridiculous at times. And it stars two of the cutest little boys, Bill Milner and Will Poulter! Son of Rambow is new favorite!

28 May 2009

Mr. Darcy...

Oh my goodness! This was hilarious! What would you do if Mr. Darcy tried to hit on you! Run away...laugh...jump him in the street? What? I would probably fall over laughing! I mean honestly! Especially if he came up with the wet shirt...I'd probably call the cops...but I don't know if I could stop laughing long enough for them to take me seriously!

22 May 2009

Royal Wii...?

Holy freaking cow! I knew that being Royal meant all kinds of perks but a gold plated wii? That's a little over the top is it not? Apparently gaming company THQ has gifted this one of a kind toy to Queen Elizabeth herself. What's up with that! Don't get me wrong I love Her Royal Highness and all and would more than gladly marry one of her grandsons, or house sit one of her many houses. This is a little intense for me…not that I would ever turn one down. But a gold plated Wii? Royalty is so out of touch with reality!

Favorite Fridays!

The Sisters Grimm! I just finished reading the first two book in Michael Buckley's Sisters Grimm Series and I loved it! It was entertaining and very cute. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a new take on Fairy-Tales. If you like Harry Potter…you'll like these!

Chuck! Yep that's right it was renewed for another season! So I can continue to watch my future husband fight off bad guys in a most ridiculous way! If you haven't seen this show you are totally missing out! Who doesn't want to be saved by a tall, dark, handsome, computer nerd! It's so awesome!

Amy Adams! She forever endeared herself in my heart when she played Giselle in Enchanted. And part of that had to do with the fact that Hermana Leano chose Giselle as her super hero name! Besides all that, I am in love with this RM by Roland Mouret dress! She plays none other than Amelia Earhart in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian! I cannot wait to see the movie!

The Office! I love it! I admit that they hit a slump for a while but the last few have been classic! And the last few minutes of the season finally above are awesome!!! I wont say what happens but you should have already watched it! I love Jim's reactions! He is totally my future husband!

18 May 2009

Uh oh...

Well today started out awesome! All the Star Wars toys I've collected over the years have finally come in handy! We played with them for a LONG time! It was a lot of fun. But then he went outside…

And came in with this huge goose egg bruise thing on his head. He was climbing up on the John Deere lawn mower, which he is one of his favorite things to do outside, but today it didn't quite work out. He landed on his face. It was very sad. But after a nap, a bath, and a banana Grandma…or Nana, which is what she is trying to get him to call her, but the rest of us just aren't sure Mom is meant to be a Nana...got him calmed down!

...for the record I was not the one watching him outside!

14 May 2009

For better or worse you changed my life…

How does one truly judge the impact someone has had on their life…seriously, there have been a lot of people who have made big impressions on my life. But you George, are probably on the top of pop culture list!

Honestly, you and your creations have sucked away more hours of my life then I care to admit…but now that I think about it…it takes 388 awesome minuets just to watch the original Star Wars trilogy…and no I did not know that off the top of my head…I have memorized your movies. I spent time online reading background about characters, ships, and planets. I've read books based on this universe you created. I've encouraged this obsession in others by talking about it and kicking their butts at Star Wars Trivia…I've never lost…that's not a challenge, I'm very rusty on my Star Wars Trivia…honestly, Dallin could probably beat me now.

I have over 200 Star Wars related pictures saved to my computer. I tune into conversations that drop random Star Wars lines…seriously, nothing gets my attention more than this. And you always know those who have also developed an unhealthy obsession by the grins and laughs being covered by coughs from around the room. But there are more of us then you might think.

But I haven't even begun on the rest of your work. My Parents first date was to Raiders of the Lost Ark…yep written by Lucas. You've changed the way movies are made…Lucasfilm and THX...You're like the father of special effects! So today I would just like to wish you a Happy 65th Birthday! And thank you for making me a totally geek…it's been fun!

12 May 2009


It's official! I have graduated! Finally! Now don't get all excited, it's only and Associates in generals. Yep 6 very long years for what should have only taken me 2. Some how that doesn't make me feel very proud or that I accomplished much. Yes I took two years off for my mission...and I did try that BYU thing for a while...But 4 years! Come on even I admit that this is rather ridiculous...but it is a start, even if it is a pretty lame one.

So I'm done with CGCC...which is a very good school and I highly recommend it to anyone...I don't find myself very excited. It must have something to do with the fact that I'm almost 25, I have no major, I have no idea what I want to do with my life, I'm going on my 5th month of unemployment and I haven't applied to any schools yet...so next semester is pretty much out of the question. Who would have thought? Not me.


I woke up this morning and started my daily blog stalking and much to my surprise I found this super cuteness!

Williams a guy who was in my MTC District got engaged!

He did it using 150 battery tea lights!

I think this is one of the coolest engagement scenes ever!

He was the craftiest person in my District and I'm glad that his craftiness is being put to good use! Congratulations Williams!...all picture via his blog!

11 May 2009

Papa's New Toy...

Today we were all inside making rice crispy treats, watching TV and writing last minute Communication papers. When out of nowhere Megs Yells, "Why is there a D.I. truck here?" This was met with, comments like, "Yeah right!" and "A D.I. truck?" So we look out the window and what do we see…

A D.I. (Deseret Industries) truck driven by none other then our own Papa!

We all had to go out and explore!

It's quite the new toy! And no he didn't steal it. His dump trucks on the farm are broken or something so they offered him a new truck…and this is what he got! Pretty cool huh!

I think he should park it at the farm and see if we get any donations!

10 May 2009

Ode to Mothers!

Also Aunt ML sent this to my parents yesterday! It's pretty funny!

Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day Mom! Thanks for everything that you did, the things you gave up…time, jobs, hair…and the things you still do!

I Love You Mom!

08 May 2009

Star Treky...

I saw it! That's right to celebrate almost graduating…and by that I mean finally receiving my AA degree…I went and saw Star Trek after my BIO 100 final! That's right I did…don't tell Papa…and it was…AWESOME! Oh my goodness I do not have the vocabulary to describe how awesome this movie is!

I have not stopped smiling since the movie started! Yes, started! It was fascinating! And this might contain what some might call spoilers, so if you're really worried about it stop reading…go buy two tickets to go see it then pick me up and we will enjoy it together!...But this more than likely won't contain anything to spoil the movie for you, but it might so you have now been warned!

First off the cast is…well gorgeous! I mean you have Chris Pine as Captain Kirk, who won Anne Hathaway's heart in Princess Diaries 2 so I already love him. Even though I would have chosen the other guy in that movie. He is awesome in Star Trek…you kind of get distracted by his awesomeness in the movie, but that's the cocky character that we all came to love in Shatner. Kirk can be cocky be cause he's hot, smart and awesome…Way hotter than Shatner ever thought he was. Next you have Zachary Quinto as Spock! Who is very good looking and apparently on that Heroes show that I've never watched. But He's awesome! Spock was always my families favorite character! The other people on the show were all just trying to be as awesome as Spock. Which in this movie you can feel, but the cast in this Star Trek comes close to equaling his fascinating persona! Then you have Karl Urban as Doctor Leonard McCoy, and he was Eomer off of Lord of the Rings and one of the guys who tries to kill Jason Bourne. And he's just…hot! I never thought McCoy was in any way good looking, or any other of the original cast, but Urban represents what every Doctor should be…Drop dead gorgeous…with an accent! The rest are pretty awesome too, Simon Pegg as ScottyZoe Saldana as UhuraEric Bana as Nero…Jennifer Morrison and Winona Ryder also make appearances in the movie. But there was one character that steals the movie…

That's right Leonard Nimoy! And he's awesome! I seriously got chills when he said…Live long and prosper! Not to mention the last scene of the movie has Nimoy do the voice over of the Star Trek series motto…

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise! Her ongoing mission: to explore new worlds, to seek out new life-forms and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before!

...It was just too cool! I've never considered myself a Treky. I use to watch Star Trek with Papa growing up and it was my first step toward Science Fiction Geekdom, but after I was introduced to Star Wars I just kind of gave Star Trek up. I cannot site Star Trek facts or repeat an absurd amount of lines from Star Trek movies the way I can Star Wars. I have a very general knowledge gleamed from my youth. But the last couple of weeks I have felt the desire to immerse myself in it start to seep into my bones. The knowledge that began my science fiction journey watching Kirk and Spock encounter aliens from different planets and then being beamed back up by Scotty started to invade my thoughts. And watching The Big Bang Theory has not helped in the least! Then last night Dallin and I watched the last half of Star Trek Nemesis…not a very good movie. So I thought that it might suppress some of these feelings. But no. After I finished my final today at 9:00…I knew…I was going to see Star Trek.

And it was totally wicked! J.J. Abrams does a remarkable job! I know a new generation of Trekies have been born! The special effects were incredible. Exactly what a good science fiction/fantasy movie need. Star Trek is the best movie I have seen in a long time! Not only were the special effects awesome, but the script was so full of…sarcasm and witticisms…I don't know if that is a word, but it was very witty! I found myself laughing through out the movie…but now that I think about it, not a lot of people laughed with me…but there are quite a few funny lines! Yet, sadly I have found that nothing quite makes my day as a good Science Fiction/Fantasy movie played on a huge screen with really awesome sound! It just does it for me…but it might also be the amount of caffeine I've had today, it was only 3 cans of Mountain Dew this morning but that is more than I have had in a while. So go see this movie! And if you do not want to go alone, I will gladly let you buy me a ticket!

Favorite Fridays!

Snow Cones! For Lola's birthday last month Mel bought a little snow cone maker thing. It has been so lovely! Especially now that AZ is remembering that it is a state that likes to be unnaturally hot!

Star Trek! I saw it this morning and it was intensely awesome! I loved it so much that I was the girl in the middle of the theater that after it ended did not clap…because I think that is totally lame. If you are one of those people that claps at the end of a movie, Never I repeat Never tell me. Because I am not sure that I will ever be able to respect you again!...that being said I must admit that I was so over come with emotions that I did yell "That was totally Wicked!" Like the little boy at the end of The Incredibles. Yes, it was slightly embarrassing…but this movie was so Fascinatingly Awesome! But more on that later!...Did I mention that I am totally wanting a Spock action figure right now!

Vivienne Westwood Mary Jane Pumps! Super simple but oh so cute!

07 May 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my Parents 27th Wedding Anniversary!

I love them so much! They are great examples and have made some pretty awesome people!...plus Mother made their matching shirts!

I'm glad they still love each other after being together this long! I hope you two have a great day and dinner tonight!

04 May 2009

Bridal Shower!!

Don't you just love the weekend! And my favorite thing of all time to do on a weekend is…Road Trip!
This weekend we went to California for my Beautiful cousin J's Bridal Shower…which was at Ottavio's Italian Restaurant! It was so fun!

Here are my Skinny Aunt M and J before the Shower…
I was in instant lust for Aunt M's shoes…BCBGirls Angel sandals! Aren't the beautiful! And look at J's freaking calf! That is pretty intense!

The beautiful flowers were done by Aunt M's friend Randi…who get this, she met while representing Randi's Ex Husband…in their divorce! Intense huh! It was such a fun weekend! After the party we all just hung around Uncle B and Aunt M's house talking, laughing, and eating the most amazing pizza ever…Dijon Chicken Pizza, from Toppers!! It was a fun weekend! I cannot wait till the wedding!

01 May 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Arizona Museum of Natural History! Thursday Mel, L, PB and I all went to on a little field trip to the Natural history museum! It was a lot more fun then I thought it was going to be.

PB could hardly stand having to be in his stroller the whole time. He kept making the kissing noises that he makes to get dogs to come over. He wanted those Dinosaurs to come to him since Mom wouldn't let him get out!

L on the other hand kept asking if they were real and would cling to the stroller or a hand. She was certain that one T-Rex that kept growling was going to come after her! But she really liked looking at all the pretty rocks.

The most interesting exhibit was the Poop Investigation one! Yes that is right, poop! It was kind of disturbing but by the end it was probably my favorite part of the museum!

Pita Jungle! Yesterday I met B, a good friend from High School, for dinner at the Pita Jungle and oh my goodness...It was delicious! I had the Glazed-Chicken Lavosh Pizza! I highly recommend this place to anyone who likes good food!

California! I'm headed there tonight!! I'm so excited! My cousin J is having her bridal shower so Mom, Grandma, Aunt D, Aunt H-A, A, Megs and I are I headed to Cali!! This is seriously my second...no third favorite place in the world. It's AZ, London, then Cali baby!