04 May 2009

Bridal Shower!!

Don't you just love the weekend! And my favorite thing of all time to do on a weekend is…Road Trip!
This weekend we went to California for my Beautiful cousin J's Bridal Shower…which was at Ottavio's Italian Restaurant! It was so fun!

Here are my Skinny Aunt M and J before the Shower…
I was in instant lust for Aunt M's shoes…BCBGirls Angel sandals! Aren't the beautiful! And look at J's freaking calf! That is pretty intense!

The beautiful flowers were done by Aunt M's friend Randi…who get this, she met while representing Randi's Ex Husband…in their divorce! Intense huh! It was such a fun weekend! After the party we all just hung around Uncle B and Aunt M's house talking, laughing, and eating the most amazing pizza ever…Dijon Chicken Pizza, from Toppers!! It was a fun weekend! I cannot wait till the wedding!

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