01 May 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Arizona Museum of Natural History! Thursday Mel, L, PB and I all went to on a little field trip to the Natural history museum! It was a lot more fun then I thought it was going to be.

PB could hardly stand having to be in his stroller the whole time. He kept making the kissing noises that he makes to get dogs to come over. He wanted those Dinosaurs to come to him since Mom wouldn't let him get out!

L on the other hand kept asking if they were real and would cling to the stroller or a hand. She was certain that one T-Rex that kept growling was going to come after her! But she really liked looking at all the pretty rocks.

The most interesting exhibit was the Poop Investigation one! Yes that is right, poop! It was kind of disturbing but by the end it was probably my favorite part of the museum!

Pita Jungle! Yesterday I met B, a good friend from High School, for dinner at the Pita Jungle and oh my goodness...It was delicious! I had the Glazed-Chicken Lavosh Pizza! I highly recommend this place to anyone who likes good food!

California! I'm headed there tonight!! I'm so excited! My cousin J is having her bridal shower so Mom, Grandma, Aunt D, Aunt H-A, A, Megs and I are I headed to Cali!! This is seriously my second...no third favorite place in the world. It's AZ, London, then Cali baby!

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