29 May 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Christian Dior! I am in total lust for this Christian Dior dress that Rachel Weisz is wearing! It's so gorgeous! If I had a job…that paid really…really well…I would totally buy this and be wearing it to my cousin J's Wedding next week! Doesn't it just say…I belong in Malinda's closet!

Cheese Rolling! Oh my goodness! I so want to go to one of these! Not so much participate…because I'm sure I would tumble to my death! But oh to be able to watch! That would be so freaking awesome! Oh you English, you sure know how to have fun! The best is to watch it on youtube! I love that they have people at the bottom to stop…tackle the people who come down! It's great!

Hint of Lime! As I sit here hoping someone in this house will make dinner before I have to I have a sudden craving for these delectable chips! Now don't mock! These are really quite good…I know that there are some foods out there that boast lime taste that are…well over or underwhelming…but these are perfect! Probably my favorite chip! And I owe it all to Hermana D for introducing me to them during my first weeks on the mish…mission!

Son of Rambow! I checked this out from the library last week and have watched no less then 10 times! It is so cute! Now you might have your doubts…but don't! I laughed so hard and even got a little teary at the end! It has a little Napoleon Dynamite feel at times…it can be a little ridiculous, but who doesn't need a little of the ridiculous at times. And it stars two of the cutest little boys, Bill Milner and Will Poulter! Son of Rambow is new favorite!

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iheartkiwi said...

i need that green dress!