14 May 2009

For better or worse you changed my life…

How does one truly judge the impact someone has had on their life…seriously, there have been a lot of people who have made big impressions on my life. But you George, are probably on the top of pop culture list!

Honestly, you and your creations have sucked away more hours of my life then I care to admit…but now that I think about it…it takes 388 awesome minuets just to watch the original Star Wars trilogy…and no I did not know that off the top of my head…I have memorized your movies. I spent time online reading background about characters, ships, and planets. I've read books based on this universe you created. I've encouraged this obsession in others by talking about it and kicking their butts at Star Wars Trivia…I've never lost…that's not a challenge, I'm very rusty on my Star Wars Trivia…honestly, Dallin could probably beat me now.

I have over 200 Star Wars related pictures saved to my computer. I tune into conversations that drop random Star Wars lines…seriously, nothing gets my attention more than this. And you always know those who have also developed an unhealthy obsession by the grins and laughs being covered by coughs from around the room. But there are more of us then you might think.

But I haven't even begun on the rest of your work. My Parents first date was to Raiders of the Lost Ark…yep written by Lucas. You've changed the way movies are made…Lucasfilm and THX...You're like the father of special effects! So today I would just like to wish you a Happy 65th Birthday! And thank you for making me a totally geek…it's been fun!


Brenda said...

Oh Malinda! How well I remember your 8yr. old "letter" to Mr. Lucas...."I know you are going to make another movie really soon and I would be glad to help you out. Please let me know if you need me...."
I agree that he has contributed to MANY hours of watching, reading, etc. Totally agree that he has made an impact on YOU and therefore ME...so I guess I am thankful for him too! Because...I sure love who and what you have become. Thanks Lala! I love you! MOM!

Malinda said...

oh how my life might have changed if you had sent the afore mentioned letter!

Amy said...

Nevitt! I am so happy you found my blog, thus letting me find yours! I can't wait to have hours of laughter and insight to the oh so beautiful Malinda. Hope everything is going great for you and you are enjoying your heat.

P.S. I think your mother should have sent that letter. Who knows, you could be completely famous by now if only George had discovered you and all your many hidden talents.

Mal Mecham said...

Okay, so I just think you should know that you're my hero. You should also know that there is a trip to your lovely home state in the works... Actually a trip to Shumway... but I'm sure I can find you somehow. Anyway. I love your face and I just hope that one day I can be as cool as you are.