27 June 2009

Tonight I saw...

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat...AMAZING! Mel, Megs, Ericka Vaughn and I all went and saw it tonight and...Holy Moly! Yes that's right Amazing! Plus it stared some of my favorite people...as in favorite people from other performances that I don't really know but I think they're awesome!!

(A Brother and Brent Slade)
The brothers...I don't know their names but the did a fantastic job! As well as Potiphar, Pharaoh, Mrs. Potiphar, all the dancers and chorus peeps...special shout out to Silvia and Becca Gledhill, Barb Berg, Sam Taylor, Janna, Alice, Sister Mortensen, the dancing Shirley girl and all the others I will remember when I wake up tomorrow morning and realize I didn't name them! But most importantly to a little someone who almost stole the show...I don't know her name but it was a little girl in the red shirt on the left side of the stage! OH MY GOODNESS! She was so funny, I seriously was completely distracted for one whole song by her! Super cute!

Brent Slade...was Joseph and did awesome! First I must say that I was ever so grateful that it was Brent singing shirtless in the second act and not Mr. Owens...which I'm sure everyone else in the audience was too! I tried to cover Megs eyes to keep it PG for her but she wasn't having any of it...Mel either for that matter. I sat behind them and they just kept laughing!...that's right we're all very mature! But Mel was just sure that he must have done P90X and Megs was sure he was flexing most of the time! But in all seriousness he sings as good as he looks...and that is Very Good! He didn't hit the high notes I remember Donny Osmond hitting...but he did Super awesome!

(Rebecca Barney and Janna Hanson, two of the narrators)
Becca Barney...who is probably the cutest person you will ever meet and has the most amazing voice! She was one of three narrators and I have to say I liked her out fits the best...even thought they were all similar but still! Super cute lady with intense singing ability! I loved the other narrators but Becca really out shone the other two!

Shelia Allen...I seriously have loved her since Annie! That's right when Megs and D were in Annie all those years ago! I don't really know her, but M did her hair, and she sings like Super Well! She was another narrator, and did fabulous!

There were some things that need work...mainly the sound. There was still some static and feedback...I'm not sure if it was stuff hitting the mike things or what...but pretty distracting. Potipher wasn't really miked at all. At the beginning of Jacobs song I'm pretty sure he said Jacob instead of Joseph the first time. But there was so much goodness that it completely overshadowed the other. The costumes were so good as well! I have to say that my favorite was the fact that all the male servants wore sock garters.

Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera! I know...stupid of me...but I really think I'm going to go again on Monday!! And so should you! I didn't think it was very well attended...but you should so go Monday night, it's the last show!!

(All Pictures 'borrowed' from Janna's Facebook page!)
...more pictures!

26 June 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Cameron Diaz! Well not so much the actress...but I am seriously in love with this look! First the dress is Oscar de la Renta...which is Gorgeous!! I am totally lusting after it! And to finish the look she wore red shoes...you can Never go wrong with Red Shoes!...and a red belt...also by de la Renta! It's simple yet...I Love It!!

The Swan Princess! This is one of my all time favorite animated movies! I remember watching as a little girl...and reenacting it with M, Mel, AN and I think even O helped. It is such a good movie! I recommend it to anyone you loves Disney! It's also made by the company who made all the animated scripture stories!

The Pinhoe Egg does not disappoint. Diana Wynne Jones once again brings us into the lives of Chrestomanci* and Cat. She proves yet again the her story telling talents are intricate and can be slightly dark. Yet Jones keeps the story light despite talking about dark secrets that manage to hold a family together, religious superstitions, fear…and what it can lead to! But more importantly it's about friendship, not doubting yourself and that curiosity can be a very good thing!

*(You could start with this book but I highly recommend reading them in this order! Charmed Life, The Lives of Christopher Chant, Conrad's Fate, Witch Week, The Magicians of Caprona, Mixed Magics, and then the Pinhoe Egg! :)

21 June 2009

Ode to Fathers!

The ultimate all time Father moment in movie history!

And then Toy Story recreated it for young fans everywhere!

After writing this I thought of a song from The Happiest Millionaire! I couldn't find one that I could embed, but just click on the link. It's the second song, about 6 minutes into the clip! It reminds me of Papa when he'd sit there and say...get me a glass of water Please...Before I die!! A little over dramatic! Plus the movie is AWESOME! Seriously some of Disney's best work! But I warn you there is a lot of singing and dancing...so if you don't like it then you might want to watch a different show. But can you really beat a crazy patriotic millionaire who keeps pet Alligators?

20 June 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day Papa!

Thank you for everything that you've done for me! For all the hot long days you've work in the sun for us! For teaching us to work…even when we whined and complained about it!

Thank you for taking all the vacations, the games, all the patience you've had with me. I love you and hope you have a Happy Fathers Day!

19 June 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Elsa Watson! I reread Maid Marian by Elsa Watson last week and Loved it again! I get so caught up in the whole Robin Hood story every time! It's definitely one of the best versions I've read. But don't just take my word for it…go check it out at your local library, or amazon, or whatever bookstore you have in your neighborhood!

Ball of Fire! Papa watched this last week on Encore Western and we checked it out of the Library! It is hilarious! It's about a eight Professors that are writing an Encyclopedia. They are in the middle of the S's and Professor Potts realizes that he doesn't know enough about slag. And the adventure begins! Plus it stars Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck…the mom from Big Valley!

Fendi Grosgrain Bow-Front Pumps! Aren't they just pretty! And the bow on them gives them such a cute feminine look! Plus nude heels make your legs look really long and since mine lack in the lengthy department...everything helps!

17 June 2009

CMT Music Awards...

Well last night was the CMT Music Awards, and yes Megs and I watched it. And did you see Melissa Peterman…Barbara Jean from Reba…live my dream!

Yep, she kissed my future husband, Dierks Bentley! Holy moly, I was totally wishing I was her, but dreams can still come true, his date was Luke…his dog! So there is still hope!

Best dressed of the night…Jennifer Nettles from Sugar Land!

He's hot, he sings, he's from Arizona..it's so meant to be!

16 June 2009

You know you're old when...

A classic toy car you yourself played in as a child is inducted into an automobile hall of fame!

I remember playing in one of these at Mema's...even thought I didn't know they were called Cozy Coupes until today! And it was the coolest thing ever…because it had an actual door that opened and shut! This wonderful little toy was right up there with the Tricycles with the big front wheel! Congratulations old friend!

15 June 2009

Palin and Letterman...

So I'm sure that everyone has heard about this whole Letterman and Palin thing going on. Honestly I'm so sick of hearing about it and reading about it, but I really liked what Michael S. Rulle Jr had to say about it. I have to agree with him, but at the same time I think...It's freaking Letterman, are we really suppose to take anything he says seriously! But read the article and come up with your own opinion about the so called situation! Palin is in politics...and the family of politicians have been open game for a long time now. But her daughter is 14 and Letterman has plenty of people working for him I don't think it was a mistake. The so called joke was out of line but I'm not sure if Palin is trying to stay in the spot light or if the media wants her to stay there. I like her, and yes I don't know that much about her but I like her. So the media elite can say what they want, but the more Letterman and the oh so holier than thou Couric keep picking on the Palin family...the more I'm determined to like them! Especially since they end up looking like the idiots and not the other way around...they really should reconsider this strategy of theirs! Haha...has that for a dose of party politics for you!

12 June 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Last Chance Harvey! Megs and I watched this tonight and it was awesome! Really sweet and it has Emma Thompson in it! It gives you in the last chance. It's one of those silver lining movies. Very good! Even though I would have liked to see more of their conversations.

The Sisters Grimm! I just finish Magic and Other Misdemeanors and I loved it! I've already recommended the series but I REALLY REALLY MEAN IT! This series is Awesome! I have developed a little bit of a literary crush on Michael Buckley! I was a little annoyed by Sabrina in the last book because she's really whiny, but this one is just...AWESOME! Have you heard of Harry Potter...I recommend this series in the same breathe! Read it!

11 June 2009

More Weddingness!

The Happy couple! J and H!

Disney hats! It's so J!!

Megs and yo!

Uncle K, Aunt H-A and two of their kids, K and R, and D in the corner.

Papa and D chillin' before the ceremony!

Mother and Aunt D!!

My cousin D!

My Uncle B and Aunt M! Aren't they a cute couple! I thought they sure looked hot!...and skinny!

My cousin K, playing the harp!

My Cousin B and his beautiful girlfriend A. Anna once told me if I needed help remembering her name just to think Russian...to be honest I that didn't help me at first...but now, I don't think I'll forget it because, A doesn't really sound like a Russian name to me!

My cousin R! He broke his leg a few weeks ago! But he's pretty happy with his Lightning McQueen Cast!

10 June 2009

In A Galaxy Not So Far Away...

There was a Death Star for sale on Ebay! Yep, that is correct you can now bid for your own Death Star. But instead of gaining the most destructive power in the universe…you will only be able to BBQ your dinner. Which when you think about might be better then being able to blow up a planet. Let's see, the ultimate weapon of the Evil Galactic Empire…or cheeseburgers…I guess it just depends on the day!

J's Wedding!

Saturday was my cousin J's Wedding! It was beautiful! She was beautiful!!

It was a perfect day! No June Gloom, just perfect California weather! The Wedding was at Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center in Ventura, CA!

The ceremony was preformed by Pastor Mary Ann. It was different from any wedding I've been to. The only other weddings I've been to have been either in the temple or performed by an LDS Bishop. But I liked it.

The two things I liked the most was the song she said reminded her about J and H, It's all about love, love, love. (Aunt M and Uncle B)

The second was when she wrapped her stole around their hand to symbolize yoking themselves together with Christ. It really was a pretty ceremony! (My beautiful cousin A!)

There were seashells on the cake and on the tables!

The Flowers were beautiful too! And the food! Holy Moly! It was such a fun day!

05 June 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Swimming! We went swimming at Grandma and Grandpa's today! It was so fun! Don't you just love summer…in the pool!

Up! Oh my goodness this was such a cute movie! I think it's my new favorite Pixar movie ever! it was a lot sweeter then I expected. When you go and see it make sure you are there on time because the beginning is really important!

L.A.M.B. Tammy Heels! Aren't they pretty! They would look so good on my feet! I wear a size 6 if anyone wants to get me a present!

04 June 2009

Oh ebay!

Holy Crap! A Star Wars lunch box just sold for...$1036.00! That's right my friends, a rare vinyl R2-D2 lunch box that sounds pretty much broken in the description sold for over a grand! Oh if only I had known it was for sale before it was over! This just goes to show you that Star Wars is way cooler than Star Trek!...or that we need more therapy than Trekkie's!

03 June 2009


So tonight I made pupusas for dinner! For those unfortunate few who don't know what a pupusa is…well they are an El Salvadoranian delicacy. These were a mission favorite!

They weren't incredibly authentic! They were filled with Mom's beans and regular cheese. I even made curtido which is the cabbage/vinegar stuff that goes on top. But I didn't add jalapenos…I just don't like my food super spicy.

I didn't make the salsa but used El Pato instead. It's hotter then the traditional salsa but still good. They were…OK…ugly and not very round…but alright. Definitely not what I remember! They were thicker then they should have been and and lacked a certain…something. They weren't what I remember, but not bad for a first try.

How to Eat a Pupusa…Note you eat them with your hands! That's right not a fork!

...Anyone know a good Pupusaria in the valley?