26 June 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Cameron Diaz! Well not so much the actress...but I am seriously in love with this look! First the dress is Oscar de la Renta...which is Gorgeous!! I am totally lusting after it! And to finish the look she wore red shoes...you can Never go wrong with Red Shoes!...and a red belt...also by de la Renta! It's simple yet...I Love It!!

The Swan Princess! This is one of my all time favorite animated movies! I remember watching as a little girl...and reenacting it with M, Mel, AN and I think even O helped. It is such a good movie! I recommend it to anyone you loves Disney! It's also made by the company who made all the animated scripture stories!

The Pinhoe Egg does not disappoint. Diana Wynne Jones once again brings us into the lives of Chrestomanci* and Cat. She proves yet again the her story telling talents are intricate and can be slightly dark. Yet Jones keeps the story light despite talking about dark secrets that manage to hold a family together, religious superstitions, fear…and what it can lead to! But more importantly it's about friendship, not doubting yourself and that curiosity can be a very good thing!

*(You could start with this book but I highly recommend reading them in this order! Charmed Life, The Lives of Christopher Chant, Conrad's Fate, Witch Week, The Magicians of Caprona, Mixed Magics, and then the Pinhoe Egg! :)

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