10 June 2009

J's Wedding!

Saturday was my cousin J's Wedding! It was beautiful! She was beautiful!!

It was a perfect day! No June Gloom, just perfect California weather! The Wedding was at Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet Center in Ventura, CA!

The ceremony was preformed by Pastor Mary Ann. It was different from any wedding I've been to. The only other weddings I've been to have been either in the temple or performed by an LDS Bishop. But I liked it.

The two things I liked the most was the song she said reminded her about J and H, It's all about love, love, love. (Aunt M and Uncle B)

The second was when she wrapped her stole around their hand to symbolize yoking themselves together with Christ. It really was a pretty ceremony! (My beautiful cousin A!)

There were seashells on the cake and on the tables!

The Flowers were beautiful too! And the food! Holy Moly! It was such a fun day!

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