11 June 2009

More Weddingness!

The Happy couple! J and H!

Disney hats! It's so J!!

Megs and yo!

Uncle K, Aunt H-A and two of their kids, K and R, and D in the corner.

Papa and D chillin' before the ceremony!

Mother and Aunt D!!

My cousin D!

My Uncle B and Aunt M! Aren't they a cute couple! I thought they sure looked hot!...and skinny!

My cousin K, playing the harp!

My Cousin B and his beautiful girlfriend A. Anna once told me if I needed help remembering her name just to think Russian...to be honest I that didn't help me at first...but now, I don't think I'll forget it because, A doesn't really sound like a Russian name to me!

My cousin R! He broke his leg a few weeks ago! But he's pretty happy with his Lightning McQueen Cast!

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