15 June 2009

Palin and Letterman...

So I'm sure that everyone has heard about this whole Letterman and Palin thing going on. Honestly I'm so sick of hearing about it and reading about it, but I really liked what Michael S. Rulle Jr had to say about it. I have to agree with him, but at the same time I think...It's freaking Letterman, are we really suppose to take anything he says seriously! But read the article and come up with your own opinion about the so called situation! Palin is in politics...and the family of politicians have been open game for a long time now. But her daughter is 14 and Letterman has plenty of people working for him I don't think it was a mistake. The so called joke was out of line but I'm not sure if Palin is trying to stay in the spot light or if the media wants her to stay there. I like her, and yes I don't know that much about her but I like her. So the media elite can say what they want, but the more Letterman and the oh so holier than thou Couric keep picking on the Palin family...the more I'm determined to like them! Especially since they end up looking like the idiots and not the other way around...they really should reconsider this strategy of theirs! Haha...has that for a dose of party politics for you!

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