27 June 2009

Tonight I saw...

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat...AMAZING! Mel, Megs, Ericka Vaughn and I all went and saw it tonight and...Holy Moly! Yes that's right Amazing! Plus it stared some of my favorite people...as in favorite people from other performances that I don't really know but I think they're awesome!!

(A Brother and Brent Slade)
The brothers...I don't know their names but the did a fantastic job! As well as Potiphar, Pharaoh, Mrs. Potiphar, all the dancers and chorus peeps...special shout out to Silvia and Becca Gledhill, Barb Berg, Sam Taylor, Janna, Alice, Sister Mortensen, the dancing Shirley girl and all the others I will remember when I wake up tomorrow morning and realize I didn't name them! But most importantly to a little someone who almost stole the show...I don't know her name but it was a little girl in the red shirt on the left side of the stage! OH MY GOODNESS! She was so funny, I seriously was completely distracted for one whole song by her! Super cute!

Brent Slade...was Joseph and did awesome! First I must say that I was ever so grateful that it was Brent singing shirtless in the second act and not Mr. Owens...which I'm sure everyone else in the audience was too! I tried to cover Megs eyes to keep it PG for her but she wasn't having any of it...Mel either for that matter. I sat behind them and they just kept laughing!...that's right we're all very mature! But Mel was just sure that he must have done P90X and Megs was sure he was flexing most of the time! But in all seriousness he sings as good as he looks...and that is Very Good! He didn't hit the high notes I remember Donny Osmond hitting...but he did Super awesome!

(Rebecca Barney and Janna Hanson, two of the narrators)
Becca Barney...who is probably the cutest person you will ever meet and has the most amazing voice! She was one of three narrators and I have to say I liked her out fits the best...even thought they were all similar but still! Super cute lady with intense singing ability! I loved the other narrators but Becca really out shone the other two!

Shelia Allen...I seriously have loved her since Annie! That's right when Megs and D were in Annie all those years ago! I don't really know her, but M did her hair, and she sings like Super Well! She was another narrator, and did fabulous!

There were some things that need work...mainly the sound. There was still some static and feedback...I'm not sure if it was stuff hitting the mike things or what...but pretty distracting. Potipher wasn't really miked at all. At the beginning of Jacobs song I'm pretty sure he said Jacob instead of Joseph the first time. But there was so much goodness that it completely overshadowed the other. The costumes were so good as well! I have to say that my favorite was the fact that all the male servants wore sock garters.

Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera! I know...stupid of me...but I really think I'm going to go again on Monday!! And so should you! I didn't think it was very well attended...but you should so go Monday night, it's the last show!!

(All Pictures 'borrowed' from Janna's Facebook page!)
...more pictures!

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