15 July 2009

Chop Sabers...

To be honest I really cannot use chop sticks. I know that might surprise some...but when you think about it I'm sure you'll come to realize it's not...but I really cannot, just ask Hubbard. Now despite the fact that I've hear that it's "easy" and my love of food that uses them...such as Orange Chicken!**...I still prefer a fork!

But if all orders of Chinese food came with a pair of these Chop Sabers then I might be more motivated to learn!
**The best chicken I have ever had comes from a little shop in in Salt Lake called Pan Wok! Seriously next time I'm in Salt Lake you will happily find me there!


Amy said...

I love eating with chopsticks! I know that I do it wrong, but it is still so fun. I feel like I am accomplishing something as I eat. And next time you are in UT you should give me a call. I can show you a pupusaria (not the best, but the only one around my home.)

Mal Mecham said...

Malinda Nevitt...I love you. I also love that you find the world's most random things and then write about them on your blog. AND I get to see you in less than a month. Hooray!