03 July 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Marc Jacobs! In the 4th of July Spirit I'm totally lusting for these Stars Open Toe Pumps by Marc Jacobs! I think they would be perfection for any Patriotic Outing...such as an early morning Pancake Breakfast! Let's be honest, I'm not the happiest morning person...at all...but I think slipping these star covered beauties on would happily wake me up! I mean who wouldn't want to show these off...even at 6:00 in the morning!

Jerramy Fine! Her book Someday My Prince Will Come: True Adventures of a Wannabe Princess is Awesome!! It's a delightful read that will leave one jonesing not only for London but Hugh Grant look alikes, Pirates, and Princes! The book follows Jerramy on her Transatlantic Adventure to meet her prince, Peter Phillips, who she knows is her soul mate! Ms. Fine uses such a conversational tone that you feel as though it is one of your own girlfriends telling the story! I loved it! She mixes hilarity in with some very useful tips on surviving in London! Read it and remember...We are all Princesses searching for our own Prince Charming!

Sierra Mist Ruby Splash! I must admit that I'm not the biggest Sierra Mist fan…but when they add the Ruby Splash to it…well it becomes quite a treat. It's no Mountain Dew, but it's good!

Arizona Storms! They aren't really rain storms because we don't get that much rain...and it's to early for monsoons but tonight we had a small one, with a little rain...very little rain. But it was still very pretty! Papa needed someone to drive the truck while he sprayed the weeds…so I was volunteered. It's always pretty to watch a storm from a farm!

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Julia said...

Oh my gosh! I am so excited for some thunder and lightning...a little break from our beach weather out in California. I am so excited to be living near you guys! Hope you had a great 4th! xoxo