17 July 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Matthew Pearl! I read his The Dante Club and it was awesome. He gave us a great mystery surrounded and fueled on by none other than Poets! It was a captivating read set in Boston right after the Civil War. Pearl shows us the racial prejudice that existed even in the Union but also gives us a glimpse into an even more mysterious world…that of a poet! It even gave me a desire to read Dante's Divine ComedyLongfellow's translation of course!

Popcorn! One of my all time favorite snack foods is Popcorn! No lie. I believe that no movie experience is complete with out it. But I am also kind of picky about it. First when at a theater I HATE the extra butter. All it does is make the kernels soggy…gross!...Not that this has kept me from eating it. Second I HATE the 98% fat free kind my Mother buys. It is just like eating cardboard…gross! But I love movie theater Popcorn. When I worked at Beehive Ceilings I always wanted…but never did…to go to Harkins and be like, I don't want to watch a movie but I'm on my lunch break and I'm really craving your Popcorn! Can I please just buy a bag. Or if you don't trust me, will you go buy me one while I sit here! When I do finally get a new job I think I will really do this!

Christian Dior! I am absolutely lusting after Dior's Dot Print Shirt Dress! Zoe Saldana, of Star Trek, wore it quite a while ago, but I still cannot get over it! It is so begging to live in my closet!

Breach! This movie is very cool! Chris Cooper does an excellent job playing Robert Hanssen…he brings the creepy traitor to life, by giving him a sincere, though creepy, emotional depth. Ryan Phillippe is hot and actually does a good job! And Laura Linney is as usual practically perfect in her hard core FBI persona! Hubbard first introduced me to this movie and I will ever be thankful! It's so…Oh My Gosh, I can't believe a guy could be that creepy!...seriously just wait till you see the very last scene with Cooper! Amazing!

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