31 July 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Pilot Pens! My favorite pen of all time is the Pilot V5 Rolling Point Pen in Black! Now don't get me wrong I have it in red, purple, green, blue...but I always come back to the black one! Plus I will admit that I love pens! And notebooks! I am a sucker for the stationary aisle at stores! It can take me hours...well not hours but a long time...to decide what pen to buy! But this is one that I always go back to!

Robin McKinley! I loved her Outlaws of Sherwood! McKinley gives us a realistic, ordinary Robin who becomes a hero to others while never realizing it himself. He's pessimistic and realistic. It was one of the only Robin Hood versions where I was fully invested in the fate of the rest of Robin's Merry Men other than Maid Marian. Seriously, I was cheering for Little John as much as Robin Hood! I highly recommend The outlaws of Sherwood!

On A Clear Day! This is one of my all time favorite movies! It's all about a man and his mid life crisis! And if you're going to have a mid life crisis well then you might as well swim the English Chanel! It is super funny! It has Billy Boyd (Pippin from Lord of the Rings), Jamie Sives (who is just hot!...he could totally be my future husband!), Peter Mullan (who does an amazing job) and Brenda Blethyn (the mom from Pride and Prejudice...and seriously a fave!). It has one of the best...what do you call it...a group of actors is a...ensemble cast! That's it! And they are! Watch it! Love it!

Favorite Line: "Shall we celebrate with a gun drop!"

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