09 July 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

Today is my Grandpa's 77th Birthday!
Grandpa can fix anything when it breaks. I once wrote a paper in 3rd grade...or around 3rd grade, it was a while ago...about how my Grandpa was the greatest skunk killer ever! Seriously, he's killed over 100 out at their house! He cans peaches with my Grandma, fixes porch swings when the fall, he's really quite awesome! I love you Grandpa and hope you have a great day!

Last night Uncle D took Grandpa, Grandma, Megs, O, Papa and I to Floridino's to celebrate! Let me tell you their Chicken Alfredo was delicious! But the bench O, Grandma and I sat on was so low! Seriously Grandma and I were like chin high to the table! It was really funny!

And look who was on the wall watching over us! Yep Frank Sinatra! Megs and I at least enjoyed that!

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