07 July 2009

I cannot wait for this movie!

Well it's still eight more days before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiers here...and I am so excited!...but it has already premiered in London! And look at how the three stars have grown up!

First I'm so in love with Rupert Grint, he could definitely be my future husband. I love his very casual, this is me look he always has. Second despite my love/hate relationship with Emma Watson I love her outfit...even though it's wet in this picture. It's vintage Ossie Clark and it looks gorgeous! Plus I love the red ribbon in her hair. Third, how sad Daniel Radcliffe looks like such a...just gross. He's made how much money off of Harry Potter and he can't manage to look even a little bit...not like that. Poor Harry!

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Emilee said...

lol! yea, harry does look bad! and SHORT there! sorry buddy! and Emma looks gorgeous, dang! i cant wait for the movie either, we are going to see it on IMAX up here! sweet!!