13 July 2009

The joys of unemployment!

Well I've been unemployed for...too long to admit on online! So I have turned to books, puzzles, and Captain Wentworth...my computer!

But with Mel and PB staying with us while PS has been working in Montana, Idaho and California, it has been difficult finding a safe place to do a puzzle. Mom has been sewing baby blankets for women in the ward, and when she's not sewing Mel is sewing a bedspread or something. Which leaves me with out a table.
So I made a Fort. I pushed two couch together in the garage! The first picture is of a puzzle I did a couple Saturdays ago. And what a lovely Saturday...One new puzzle, the Three Extended Editions of Lord of the Rings and a fort!

Here is another spot I've found. The Chest Grandpa gave me! It wasn't big enough to do the entire puzzle so I had to do the bottom section separate! It was kind of confusing, but it's a nice break from really having to think!

1 comment:

iheartkiwi said...

i miss forts, and puzzles for that matter.... revel in your unemployment while you can!