02 July 2009

Megan's Hawaiian Birthday Party!

Today Mel and I threw Megs our first ever Surprise Birthday Party! It was so exciting! The best part was that she had no idea!

E, L and N waiting out front to tell us when Megs got home from class!

The Table!

Mel made a bowl thing out of a pineapple!

We had leas for everyone! And freaky looking doll thing in the back is a hulu girl pinata!

Random candy treats and orange flowers!

Megs and K after their Micro Bio class this morning! K was so good at not telling Megs about the party I was so happy!

Megs and the girls after we threw water balloons at her when she got home!

Megs and her presents!

L didn't really get the whole hitting the pinata very well!

PB had a blast though!

Megs...let's just say that I haven't laughed that hard in a very very long time!

N was the one who finally broke the pinata!

PB had more fun after it was broken!

Megs and her brownie cake!

Then we borrowed the C's slip and slide!

It was so fun! It's been forever since I've enjoyed the simple pleasure of a slip and slide!

To end the day we had snow cone with little umbrellas!


Amy said...

Nevitt, I have made you the official party planner of my life. You just need to come up here so you can plan and throw me all sorts of kick awesome parties like this one. I am so jealous! I especially liked the pelting your sister with water balloons when she got there detail. That is awesome! Seriously, the greatest party planner ever born. That is your calling in life.

Malinda said...

Yeah now if only people would pay me to do it!