26 July 2009

Socialized Health Care...

Don't get me wrong, I wish everyone was able to afford health care...but socialized health care is bad. People do not go to Canada for Doctors or operations, and there is no way I would go to England for Dental work...despite my love for the country. Don't be fooled! It won't work! The government has screwed up Social Security...they screwed up the economy, i.e. Franny and Frank...Why oh why would I want them to screw up my health care! So listen to someone much smarter than I am...President Ronald Reagan!!...who is Awesome!

...WE LIVE IN AMERICA!! We are not socialists!! I hope we can learn from the past! Do something! Send an email, write a letter, call your congress man and or woman! One person can and does make a difference!

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