08 August 2009

Catch up...


So I totally lied unintentionally!...Some people choose to say loudly that the pictures were deleted but apparently the fact that there were two cameras has thrown some people off!

After three hours in the van this is what we saw! It was pretty intense! There was smoke everywhere...but we'd come all this way...so we kept going!

I thought it was pretty awesome! There were fireman all over the roads! Mother was freaked out...but I thought it was pretty cool!

It gave everything an intense other worldly feeling!

Not that it bothered PB any. He had a blast! PS and Mel brought there tent and after we set it up we were surprised to find this little door...doggie door, Mel wasn't impressed when I pointed out that it was the perfect size for someone to just reach in and grab PB while they were sleeping!...PB was fun but he wasn't thrilled that we kept pushing him through the door trying to get a picture!

This was on a hike we took! Seriously I don't know if there are two people who laugh more when they kiss for a picture!

PB loved walking outside until he the tall grass would touch his face! He didn't want anything to do with that!

Fifth...M cut and colored my hair!

This isn't the best picture...I'll have to get a different! We went black. The bottom is solid then we weaved it through out the rest! It's great to have hair that's not natural then suddenly faded dark...regrowth is a real...pain!

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