14 August 2009

Favorite Fridays!

The Graveyard Book! The best Neil Gaiman book I've read so far! I had no idea what to think about this book and even put off reading it , mainly because the title was just like...what?!? But I read it and loved it! It's not freaky at all…well maybe a little bit, but more of a…who thinks of this…this is Intensely awesome! Gaiman brings us the story of Nobody Owens who after his parents are murdered grows up in a graveyard . He mixes humor and tender moments magically! You will not want to put it down! It's kind of like a Tim Burton movie…Awesome!

Seventeen Again! This was hilarious! It has everything a light saber duel, a pod racer bed,
invisibility cloaks, people speaking elfish…elfin…Darth Vader Mugs, Spock/Elf ears and then there is Zac Efron and his story line! If you cannot tell I like the side story the best! I really didn't know what to think, but as soon as the light sabers lit up and Ned quotes, "An Elegant weapon for a more civilized age" I was freaking hooked! Watch it! You are sure to love it! Even though I did find myself wishing Matthew Perry had more air time. There are a lot of scenes where I could see Perry doing a better job at delivering the lines then Efron…well at least I cold picture Chandler Bing doing an excellent job!

Jason Aldean! I'm in love with his Wide Open CD. Well mainly two songs…1st Big Green Tractor…2nd She's Country! I highly recommend this for whenever you feel like you need a break from the real world and need to go back to your country roots. You know it's there, for some it's not hard to find or admit, for others it's hidden so deep that it's hard to remember that it's even there. So give in pull out your boots and enjoy!

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Amy said...

So I really am not a country fan (I love bluegrass and folk though) and would never have listened to the song except my son is currently obsessed with tractors. He loved it! Thank you.