07 August 2009

Reunions y mas...

Second...The Blau Reunion!

D, Mom and I went to the Blau Reunion at Dairy Canyon Ranch in Utah. Sometimes I'm surprised how entertaining...Older people can be!

Uncle S was an extra in a movie filmed around there. I believe it was...Sergeants Three!

Bevin's girls H and M...I have no idea how to spell that. Played the piano, and they were AMAZING! Seriously, I don't just mean they were good, or impressive...but freaking Intense! I love it when they play! And a reunion just isn't complete without hearing an...I really need to invest in some better adjectives...amazing duet by them.

My cousin K helped do some magic tricks...and later that night had to explain to me that it wasn't real magic!

Grandma and Grandpa were in charge of most everything up there this year! Aren't they cute! We also met some pretty cool peeps from Kansas and Arkansas! I love that with some people you just never know what's going to come out of their mouths!

Then we came home! Isn't Arizona awesome! Seriously! Utah you can keep are your red rocks and greenness! I love coming home to this state...even when it feels like hell on earth!

Third...The Cabin!

We all went last week to Grandma & Grandpa's Cabin! But unfortunately all are really cool pictures that we took were deleted somehow by someone who still says they didn't do anything...M...but we won't point any fingers...M so did it...but I will rise above it and not yell or scream. I still have 4 completely random pictures and so I leave you with this one of PB in his boots!

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