06 August 2009

Wentworth returns!

Oh Happy Freaking Day! Yes, Wentworth, has come back into my life!...seriously the D/C Jack thing or whatever it's called had to be fixed again!...I had so hoped that between a Family Reunion and going to Grandpa & Grandma's Cabin would lessen the blow of not having him in my life...and it did, but not by much! I have been using Mel's semi-working laptop hooked up to a monitor because the screen is broken...Thanks PS! Well actually that is less sarcastic then it sounds. For if you hadn't dropped it, it would not have been here and who knows what I would have had to do...so without further ado, I will now play some much needed catch up!

First...Happy Birthday M!

My only older sister, M, turned 26! She's pretty fun...even though she probably wouldn't believe you if you told her I said that! She's my favorite hair dresser and frequently gets upset at me for using Herbal Essences and not doing my hair every day...but I mean honestly is there anything better than a pony tail!

Happy Birthday M! I hope you enjoy being 26!...Holy crap...that means that I'm almost 25...freak I'm getting old! Anyways...thanks for all you do...and all the free hair cuts and color...which she did my hair the other day! Finally it's a decent color again! But more on that later...I love you and hope you have a great year!!

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