26 August 2009

What the...Wednedays!

Royal Tea Bags! This was pretty intense! Who doesn't want to sit down and have a relaxing cup of tea with Prince William or Harry!

Megan Fox is going to play Catwoman in the next Batman movie! Oh my...I really hope this proves to be completely false! Don't get me wrong she is very pretty...but can she act at all! I've seen transformers...the first one anyways...and all I can remember her doing is lifting up a car hood giving sexy eyes to the camera. No offense to anyone who happens to be a Fox fan...but honestly this would not be a good thing!

For those of you die hard Twilighters out there you could have your very own Edward Cullen Decal watching over you while you sleep! I don't get it...it kind of creeps me out!

1 comment:

iheartkiwi said...

um that edward cullen wall decal is a little creepy. but i am super excited for new moon to come out!