30 September 2009


I watched this this morning and had to share! It takes me back to the good old days of Super Nintendo and Mario Cart...good times! Tetris was always my favorite game!

for all those peeps out there wondering what to get me for Christmas...I seriously want an old school Super Nintendo again! That this was classic! You still blew into the machine and game to clean it out and play again! No worrying about scratching discs and stuff! Sometimes new tech cannot beat old school awesome!
"If you plan for the worst all surprises are pleasant."--Gaul, The Shadow Rising


25 September 2009

Favorite Friday!

The Eye of the World! The first book in Robert Jordan's amazing The Wheel of Time series! I'm rereading the series because book twelve comes out in October and I am once again amazed at Jordan's talent. Unfortunately Jordan was taken from us last year...I was in mourning for weeks...so this next book will be written by Brandon Sanderson...who I've heard good things about, but still it won't be the same...based on notes left by Jordan. So in attempt to soak up as much of what Jordan left us, I continue my journey for the books that Jordan left us.

Symphony Chocolate with Almonds & Toffee! I have been graving this all week long! It's probably my favorite candy bar...well lets be honest I have a lot of favorites but this is definitely at the top. As soon as I start eating sugar again I will be eating a very big version of this!

Glee! It's Fox's new dark comedy musical! It is awesome! I've been in love since watching the first episode in May...or whenever it came out! But it's back and awesome! You love to hate the evil ones and love to love the awesome ones! Here is a clip from this weeks episode...Awesome!

Ingrid Michaelson! I've been listening to her Everybody CD this week. I've been quite captivated by Sort of. Listen and enjoy!

22 September 2009

"If a woman does need a hero, she needs him today, not tomorrow."--Egwene al'Vere, The Dragon Reborn

Fashion Sense...

Everyone knows Star Wars has had its moments in the fashion spotlight. Princess Leia with Cinnabun's over her ears, running around in a metal bikini...Queen Amidala and all her head dresses...Han Solo looks good in whatever he wears. But now Star Wars fashion has gone to a new level...

...Darth Vader! Of all the Characters in Star Wars why would one choose Darth Vader as their muse? But Kristen Wig did...it's an interesting choice, I think she pulls it off. But still what the...?!?
"Ned, I really appreciate you going along with all of this."
"You don't have to thank me. I've been curious having a normal relationship. This one has been really interesting to try on."
"Try on? You try on a sweater at the mall. You try on your best friend's bra and you smile on the inside because yours are bigger and better. You don't try on a person!"
"Clearly not the right choice of words."--Olive and Ned, Pushing Daisies

18 September 2009

Favorite Fridays!

The Everafter War! Michael Buckley has done it again! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Seriously...oh the freaking betrayal! You people need to read these books! They're short and easy but honestly who thinks of these things! Fairy Tale peeps running around everywhere...Intense!

Ponyo! Hayao Miyazaki gives us another beautiful movie! I watch his movies and...go to a very happy place filled with beautiful scenery! Plus you have the voice talents of Liam Neeson, Tina Fey, Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Betty White...! Howl's Moving Castle is still my favorite Miyazaki film but Ponyo is a clear classic!

Damien Rice! He's Irish! He's hot! He has the most amazing voice ever! Definitely a candidate for my future husband! I love him! Two years ago Hubbard and I went to see him in concert for my birthday! It was great!

...note: despite my love for him and all his songs, there are some songs that I would not listen to with my mother!

14 September 2009

"Just because I wear a uniform doesn’t make me a girl scout.”—Fran Kubelik, The Apartment

Birthday Gifts...

Today I bought myself an early birthday gift! Why? Well because shopping is what I do best! I love shopping! It's not always the buying...even though that does lift the spirits...it's the shopping! I love shopping for others, I love shopping for myself! I have this terrible habit of always coming home with something for me when I go out shopping for someone else! That's probably why I like shopping...it's never just for someone else! It's like receiving a present that you already know you're going to love! Don't you love the anticipation of getting something! It is what make birthdays and Christmas...and any holiday really! I personally love surprises more than anything...I just am terrible with the waiting. I know, I know the not knowing is half the fun...but is it really? I've always been terrible at waiting. Or not looking for things. But I think half the fun is...in the finding! That's right I'm a peeker...and proud of it! I cannot simply wait till it is time to open things. Which is probably why I buy myself presents when I'm suppose to be shopping for others. The hardest part is when you buy something for yourself and then something for someone else, then you get home...and you cannot decide which one you want to give away!...this happens to me more than I like to admit! But I digress...I bought this today at Target! I love it and surprisingly I don't own a yellow purse...now I do...Perfect!

12 September 2009

"She needs help up top. You know? Maybe it's because I've been working for Victoria Secret for too long. To me they have to be perky, and they have to be in the right spot!"--Heidi Klum, Project Runway 604

...Seriously three cheers for Heidi and her support of bras!


11 September 2009

Favorite Fridays!

The Poe Shadow! Matthew Pearl's The Poe Shadow was good! I really enjoyed it and could hardly put it down this weekend. It wasn't as intense as the Dante Club but more...intriguing. There is a mystery that surrounds Edgar Allen Poe and Pearl captures it perfectly!

Project Runway! Now I know I have talked about my love for the show in the past...but seriously it is awesome! I love Hiedi...and her clothes are gorgeous too! Which makes sense she hosts a fashion reality show!...and Tim Gunn! I heart him so much! But season 6 is well underway! I have to admit that I have totally agreed with the three people who have been kick off so far...not always the winners but the people who left have been the right ones! Favorites so far are...in no particular order...Shirin...Gordana...Carol Hannah...There are others I like but these three are my favorites right now!

Hot Pockets! Seriously the bed microwave food ever invented! Ham and Cheese a classic that will not be forgotten!...Elders Hansen and Dehart wrote a ballad for this beloved microwavable delicacy...How I wish I had the video to show you all!

Plain White T's! This is a band that Hubbard introduced me to while on the mission...now there are a lot a people out there that will right away assume that I was apostate...and maybe it's true, who knows...but she only told me I needed to listen to them and then sang to me a select sample of their work impressed me enough to give them a listen when I got home! And low and behold I found a long lost love! Hate (I really don't like you) is so the anthem of my life! Seriously i listen to this song and think...this is so me!
“It's really hard to walk in a single woman's shoes—that's why you sometimes need really special shoes!”—Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

04 September 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Neverwhere! Neil Gaiman introduces us to the world of Richard Mayhew and teaches us that no good deed goes unpunished! I personally have, as many of you are realize, an on going borderline obsessive love affair with the City of London. And Gaiman has expanded my vision and introduced a whole new layer of that most glorious city...the underground! And not just the Mind the Gap tube stations but all of it the tunnels of the old and forgotten parts of the city! Neverwhere is an amazing journey through the unknown and fantastical...definitely Fairy Tale worthy! I loved the characters of Door, Hunter, the marquis de Carabas, and Richard. It's a book you can't put down, it makes you wonder, it was Amazing! The more I read of Gaiman the harder it is to choose a favorite!

...note he does drop the f-bomb enough for me to add a little...ahem...here!

My Sassy Girl! To be honest I only picked it up from the library because of the title! It just sounded like a movie that I would like…and it was! Seriously super cute movie about a super nice guy a pretty crazy girl…the cover says…two imperfect people who might be perfect for each other! Plus, they have a slap game!

Favorite Quotes:
"We have to see how the story ends.”—Jordan
“As for the question of destiny all I know is that even when destiny really wants to accomplish something, it can’t do it alone. You still have to go to that restaurant. You still have to show up. You still have to build a bridge to the one you love.”—Charlie Bellow
“On the reasons to stop seeing her side we have: One, on going physical danger. Two, high likely-hood of a broken heart. Three, uh career sabotage. Four, she is clinically insane. Five, she seems to enjoy my pain. Six, fourteen piece matched set of Louis Vuitton emotional baggage. Seven, I haven’t even kissed her yet, for God’s sakes. Uh, eight, she’s ruining my life.”
“And the reasons to keep seeing her?”
“I’m in love with her.”—Charlie Bellow and Leo

Pink Martini! Everyone has heard...and if you haven't you poor deprived person seriously you need some culture in your life!...Doris Day's version of Que Sera Sera...she sings it in Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew to Little with Jimmy Stuart...that was the only version I can remember ever hearing until I heard this one...and I loved it. It has a strange broken carnival hint to it. So listen and enjoy!...note the video part is interesting not one I would have chosen but the song is complete!

03 September 2009

“You’re alive, Bod. That means you have infinite potential. You can do anything, make anything, dream anything. If you change the world, the world will change. Potential. Once you’re dead, it’s gone. Over. You’ve made what you’ve made, dreamed your dream, written your name. You may be buried here, you may even walk. But that potential is finished.”—Silas, The Graveyard Book


02 September 2009

What the...Wednedays!

Ben and Jerry's is changing the name of their Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby! That's right to help spread the word about same sex marriage. I'm sorry but I think that naming ice cream after same sex marriage is going a bit far! I mean honestly! I would be a little more put off if I knew exactly what flavor Chubby Hubby was!...side note I'm totally jonesing for Haagen Daz Mango Sorbet!

My future husband is getting married...to another woman! That's right John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are engaged! What a sad day for single women everywhere you love watching the super cute Jim every week on the office! So sad...but good for him!

Human table by Dzmitry Samal! Now I'm a big fan of the male leg...calf muscles...as anybody, but to have some random man legs holding up my table...that would be pretty weird!