25 September 2009

Favorite Friday!

The Eye of the World! The first book in Robert Jordan's amazing The Wheel of Time series! I'm rereading the series because book twelve comes out in October and I am once again amazed at Jordan's talent. Unfortunately Jordan was taken from us last year...I was in mourning for weeks...so this next book will be written by Brandon Sanderson...who I've heard good things about, but still it won't be the same...based on notes left by Jordan. So in attempt to soak up as much of what Jordan left us, I continue my journey for the books that Jordan left us.

Symphony Chocolate with Almonds & Toffee! I have been graving this all week long! It's probably my favorite candy bar...well lets be honest I have a lot of favorites but this is definitely at the top. As soon as I start eating sugar again I will be eating a very big version of this!

Glee! It's Fox's new dark comedy musical! It is awesome! I've been in love since watching the first episode in May...or whenever it came out! But it's back and awesome! You love to hate the evil ones and love to love the awesome ones! Here is a clip from this weeks episode...Awesome!

Ingrid Michaelson! I've been listening to her Everybody CD this week. I've been quite captivated by Sort of. Listen and enjoy!

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Amy said...

I love the music you introduce me to through your blog. Awesome!

I thought about doing a Friday Favorites today. I just finished watching The Last Avatar series and loved it. It was great.

And where do you find so much time to read? I am so jealous!