11 September 2009

Favorite Fridays!

The Poe Shadow! Matthew Pearl's The Poe Shadow was good! I really enjoyed it and could hardly put it down this weekend. It wasn't as intense as the Dante Club but more...intriguing. There is a mystery that surrounds Edgar Allen Poe and Pearl captures it perfectly!

Project Runway! Now I know I have talked about my love for the show in the past...but seriously it is awesome! I love Hiedi...and her clothes are gorgeous too! Which makes sense she hosts a fashion reality show!...and Tim Gunn! I heart him so much! But season 6 is well underway! I have to admit that I have totally agreed with the three people who have been kick off so far...not always the winners but the people who left have been the right ones! Favorites so far are...in no particular order...Shirin...Gordana...Carol Hannah...There are others I like but these three are my favorites right now!

Hot Pockets! Seriously the bed microwave food ever invented! Ham and Cheese a classic that will not be forgotten!...Elders Hansen and Dehart wrote a ballad for this beloved microwavable delicacy...How I wish I had the video to show you all!

Plain White T's! This is a band that Hubbard introduced me to while on the mission...now there are a lot a people out there that will right away assume that I was apostate...and maybe it's true, who knows...but she only told me I needed to listen to them and then sang to me a select sample of their work impressed me enough to give them a listen when I got home! And low and behold I found a long lost love! Hate (I really don't like you) is so the anthem of my life! Seriously i listen to this song and think...this is so me!

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Julia said...

Have to agree with you on that...love love LOVE Project Runway and the Hot Pockets! LOL! :)