09 October 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Maurice Sendak! He wrote the childhood classic Where the Wild Things Are! And soon it will be a movie! I think that in order to really appreciate the genius of Sendak we all should reread this classic. Plus it will only prepare us for the mind blowing genius of Spike Jonze and his interpretation of the book! I'm so excited for the movie!

Confeessions of a Shopaholic! Oh my heart! I LOVED this movie! I felt like I found a long lost soul sister! Shopping is more then just buying things...it's more of a spiritual enlightenment...in a very secular way! Plus you get to watch Hugh Dancy...who finally married Claire Danes in a secret wedding in September!...who was a contender to be my future husband! Isla Fisher is super cute during the whole movie. And even though most of her outfits were too much for me, I loved her colorful tights and now have a unquenchable desire to buy a green scarf! Watch it...love it...then go buy something!

Billy Currington! I love this song! It makes me laugh every time I hear it. Lola and Nina even know all the words and call it their funny song! Listen to it, it's classic country! And if it doesn't make you at least smile and roll your eyes then you have major problems!

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