16 October 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! I watched this for the first time this week...and really liked it! Elizabeth Taylor is Lovely, Paul Newman is totally hot, Burl Ives...honestly shocked at his performance because I'm used to seeing him as the singing neighbor on Summer Magic! Mel made the comment that all they do is yell throughout the movie...which they do...but the end was perfection! And sometimes you need to yell things out! I am a strong believer in...expressing yourself loudly! And it is always better to get things out in the open then have them eat away at you inside!

Peppermint Tea! My favorite drink today is Peppermint Tea with chocolate flavored stevia. It's the way I fix my chocolate now! Not quite as good as a dark chocolate truffle but pretty good! It's followed closely by Bengal Spice and Honey Vanilla Chamomile!

Isabel Marant! Mandy Moore wore this beautiful Isabel Marant Fall 2009 this last week! It is definitely lustful! Picture this...Brie's beautiful wedding...me in this dress! Oh yes, it would be awesome!

Chris Cornell! Ever since I saw Casino Royal I knew two things! ONE...Daniel Craig is suppose to be my future husband! TWO...I had to find out who sang the intro! Chris Cornell has a voice that is...super sexy! So enjoy!

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