23 October 2009

Favorite Fridays!

Lady Antebellum! They are awesome! I'm kind of sort of in love with their song Need You! It's pretty much amazing! But I' cannot get it to embed so follow the link!

Givenchy! I loved them since I first realized that the gowns worn in Sabrina by Audrey Hepburn were made by Givenchy! Scarlett Johansson...who is married to the gorgeous Ryan Reynolds...wore an amazing Haute Couture Givenchy red dress that is stunning!

The Proposal! I watched this tonight and it was...awesome! I loved it! Mecham was right, this movie was made to be enjoyed by me! Watching it with my parents was interesting though! Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock...the queen of RomComs...are a great pair! Watch it and laugh!

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Emilee said...

we saw that movie with cam and k. and all 4 of us were cracking up the entire time! cam found an edited version of it (a bit too much nakedness for us) and we are excited to watch it again with a little less nudity! and i didnt know he was married to scarlet?! huh, i like a lot of the movies she's, but i'm not a huge fan of her. and this mx kid is killin' me, i am listening to it right now, he is a slow talker!