30 October 2009

Favorite Fridays!

In honor of Halloween tomorrow I thought I would dedicate today's Favorite Friday to some of my Favorite Halloween Movies...well at least movies I think would be appropriate to watch on Halloween! So in no particular order...

Nightmare Before Christmas! Tim Burton's classic masterpiece!

Wait Until Dark! Oh my scary! Hepburn is awesome! It's like pee your pants awesome!!

Hocus Pocus! I remember watching this in the movie theater and Mother screaming so loud that Megs started crying! We have watched this movie like almost every other day this month! Classic!

Casper! Oh Deven Sawa was on the screen for two minutes and he became an instant heart throb!

Harry Potter! All of them! Wouldn't a HP Marathon be a fun all day party!

The Dark Knight! AAAHHH! Seriously creepy movie! Plus you have the gorgeous Christian Bale...dressed in Armani who just makes him look even more delectable!...Aaron Eckhart, and Heath Ledger!

Coraline! For anyone who hasn't seen this movie you should watch it and let the Other Mother creep you out!

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