18 October 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

So last night when I couldn't get to sleep I started pondering on this whole being 25 thing...quarter of a century, kind of intense...So I decided that I would take a page from Brie's book and think of 25 things I'm going to do while I'm 25! So in the order of what I thought of here it goes...!

1-Get accepted to an University!...ASU!

2-Read at least 52 books...preferably not all young adult books!

3-Do my visiting teaching...every month!

4-Paint a fridge with chalkboard paint!

5-Finish Decorating my room!...I really have been feeling the need for the Wall to return to my wall!

6-Join a Book Club!

7-Go to the temple at least once a month!

8-Buy a pair of Emerald Green or Purple heels!...why? Because they sounds awesome!

9-Reread the Book of Mormon!

10-Join/Finish the 1010 Reading Challenge!

11-Paint my room!..I'm thinking a dark gray!

12-Donate Plasma!

13-Go on at least two random road trips!

14-Attend Brie's awesome wedding!...Check!

15-Reread Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series and buy book twelve when it comes out!...Check!

16-Learn Yoga!

17-Ride on a Motorcycle!

18-Move out!

19-Go to concert!

20-Buy something from Etsy!

21-Throw an awesome surprise party!

22-Get a Job!

23-Have monthly Dinner Parties!



...well I cannot think of what else to do this year and since I started this a month ago on my birthday, I'm done trying to decide what to this year! So I'll just have to update it sometime throughout the year! So here it goes!...fingers crossed... ; )


Angie said...

Hi Malinda,

I'm blog stalking you = ) I love your 25 things! Happy Late Birthday!

Katherine said...

Happy birthday! How about running/jogging a whole 5k? That's my goal next year!

Malinda said...

Yeah...I don't think running will ever be a goal of mine!!

iheartkiwi said...

loving your list! can't wait to see you at the wedding my dear!